I Tried The Writer’s Life For A Few Days (Here’s How It Went)

So the school recently hooked us up with an author, Michael Pryor, in order to get us lazy students to write a 2000-word story each. It wasn’t until a few days ago that I realized that I hadn’t actually even started writing my story yet and then, I spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday panicking about what to write about and attempting to write a story. It’s only now that I finally understand how difficult it is to write. Anyway. Here’s a short recount of my experiences.

Firstly – the ideas. HOW DO WRITERS EVEN GET IDEAS. SERIOUSLY. I sat at my computer for an hour on Saturday, staring at a blank page and trying to write something, anything. Eventually, I threw in the towel, slapped down “It was cold” (to be fair, it was pretty cold) and worked from there. Then, I came up with an idea about a girl who wakes up in a coffin, not knowing anything except for her name. And that’s where that ended.

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Do People Really Need To Die In YA Novels?

We’ve all seen it before. The Fault in Our Stars. The Hunger Games. Allegiant. Game of Thrones. All seems to be well. The characters aren’t facing much difficulty. The plot line is starting to flatten and the story starts to become a little stuck. Not much can happen next…


Welcome to the 2016 world of YA novels.

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Why I Try To Treat Blogging As A Job, Not Just A Hobby (And Why You Should Do So Too)

Hello there. Remember me? It’s been quite a long time, partly due to exams, but also partly due to the little – or not so little – monster living under my bed called “laziness”.

I can count on one hand the number of book bloggers that openly say that they treat their blog like a job. They tend to be the efficient ones. The ones that post every 3 days, without fail. On the other hand, there are countless bloggers out there that repeatedly say: “blogging is just a hobby”, it’s just “something they like to do for fun”. I was one of them.

Treating my blog as a hobby has never worked for me, is not working for me, and never will work for me. I’ve recently figured that out, after having a look at my stats.

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Presenting Yet Another Meh Book

I was sent Winterkill and it’s sequel, Darkthaw, a while ago, in exchange for an honest review, so apologies to Allen and Unwin for the delay!

Today, we have in very convenient and easy-to-read list format, the things that I did and didn’t enjoy about Winterkill, by Kate A Boorman. Enjoy!

What I Liked

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Death By Water… Or Death By Stuffy Prose?

Apologies to Allen and Unwin who sent me this book like a century ago and I haven’t been able to read and review it until now, simply because of 1) The size of the book 2) The nature of the book.

This book is probably one of the most hyped Japanese books in a while, mostly because of the author’s status as an AMAZING writer (He’s won the Nobel Prize for literature, etc), and also because it’s been “reported” that this is the last book he will ever write (gasp!)

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Why Yellow Brick War Was Mostly An Exercise In Futility

Ok. You guys remember the Dorothy Must Die series? It was one of the more popular spoofs on a classic back in 2014, and I did actually review it here.

To quote from my own review, I called Dorothy Must Die, “good but nothing groundbreaking”, and I feel like this applies perfectly here as well. Essentially, this series is starting to become a little tedious. It’s a little like the Divergent series. Once upon a time, the adventures of Tris and the gang were mildly interesting, but after they’ve split the last book into two movies, it’s become somewhat of a chore to sit through.

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Let’s Talk About… Super Depressing Books

Inspired by Mitchii’s post on Tearjerkers (Also, Mitchii is amazing you definitely need to check out her blog).

So I don’t know about you guys but I don’t cry while I read. As in, I just don’t. Ever. I cannot think of an occasion where I’ve cried while I read. If I ever say: “you’ll cry buckets” during a post, then it’s either for dramatic effect (cue the drama llama) or because I think you guys will probably cry lots – considering the fact that you’re not super dry, boring, emotionless potatoes like me.

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Books And Life And The World In General – AKA The Kinda Weekly Recap

So! I’ve decided to write weekly recaps. Except they probably won’t be weekly. It’s likely that they’ll be monthly but if I do monthly recaps then I’ll have to post them at the start of every month and that’s too predictable for my sporadic posting-ness XD So here we are, smack bang on Monday, doing a weekly recap that includes things from way further than a week ago. Meh.

On the blog

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Interrupting Your Usual Feed To Present To You Ways You Can Give Me Money

Basically this whole post summed up into one gif is:


HA. #StoryOfMyLife.

Ways you can give me money? Well, I take cash, PayPal and credit ca-

No, but seriously. I’ve recently become an affiliate for both the Book Depository and Grammarly! You might have seen the images on the sidebar. Let me explain more about these two companies (in case you’ve never heard of them) and the benefit to me if you buy something.
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