Books And Life And The World In General (AKA I’ve-Given-Up-Coz-It’s-So-Not-Weekly Recap)

So, a few interesting things that have happened since I last posted one of these recaps (which was a huge amount of time ago), both book related and blog related. Let’s recap!

On the blog

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How To Turbo-Charge Your Book Reviews (Six Fail-Proof Methods)

How to Turbo-Charge Your Book Reviews - Six Fail-Proof Methods!

Book reviews are the staple of a book blog’s audience’s diet, yet they’re easily the thing that most people overlook. They’re also probably the most difficult type of post to write – they require a large amount of thought, probably more so than discussion posts. There’s always that fear that nobody else will agree with you, or that you’re only making 50% sense and the review is confusing.

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I Tried The Writer’s Life For A Few Days (Here’s How It Went)

So the school recently hooked us up with an author, Michael Pryor, in order to get us lazy students to write a 2000-word story each. It wasn’t until a few days ago that I realized that I hadn’t actually even started writing my story yet and then, I spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday panicking about what to write about and attempting to write a story. It’s only now that I finally understand how difficult it is to write. Anyway. Here’s a short recount of my experiences.

Firstly – the ideas. HOW DO WRITERS EVEN GET IDEAS. SERIOUSLY. I sat at my computer for an hour on Saturday, staring at a blank page and trying to write something, anything. Eventually, I threw in the towel, slapped down “It was cold” (to be fair, it was pretty cold) and worked from there. Then, I came up with an idea about a girl who wakes up in a coffin, not knowing anything except for her name. And that’s where that ended.

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Do People Really Need To Die In YA Novels?

We’ve all seen it before. The Fault in Our Stars. The Hunger Games. Allegiant. Game of Thrones. All seems to be well. The characters aren’t facing much difficulty. The plot line is starting to flatten and the story starts to become a little stuck. Not much can happen next…


Welcome to the 2016 world of YA novels.

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Feature: The Secret Life of a Book Blogger (Tag)

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Feature: 2016 TBR Part 1

photo-1432821596592-e2c18b78144f.pngAs we rapidly approach the beginning of 2016, we also rapidly approach the beginning of much flailing about and drowning in TBR piles. THEREFORE. I am here today to help you clean up your TBR, and create a neat short little list of books for you to look forward to! BUT. Since I want to include the book cover, I’m only going to do half of next year (up to June) because the book covers get progressively harder and harder to locate as you get further along. I’ll post a Part 2 in March next year or thereabouts! The title, author and publisher of the book is listed beneath the book in the caption, and if you want more information, then clicking on the book cover will take you to the Goodreads page!

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Feature: #BookProblems


So, I’m not sure if you know, but I joined the Twittersphere a few weeks ago, and since then, I’ve met some amazing people and chatted with some other amazing blog-ournians. But I’ve also done a bit of tweeting, and I thought that I should perhaps share some of those tweets on the blog, so those of you who are non-tweeters can see what I complain about. It seems like I really like whinging about the problems associated with reading, hence why I decided to feature a few of those tweets. If you wanna chat, you can shoot me a line on Twitter: @thegalaxialword. Looking forward to meeting more of you!





















Feature: Things to Gift to a Book Lover (Part 2)

Hey guys! We’re back with PART 2 of the “Things to Gift to a Book Lover” series. If you liked this post, don’t forget to leave a comment, like, and follow, or enter your email in the sidebar just to your right there. Oh, and just so you’re not too lost, Part 1 is here!

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