11 Of The Best Bookstagram Accounts To Follow

So today will just be an Instagram spotlight – I joined Instagram a while ago, and I haven’t posted very regularly, but I love all these other accounts, and there are heaps of swoon-worthy bookstagram photos out there – these accounts being just a few!

(Mobile users, beware! This post is very image-dense!)


emdawg reads 2

emdawg reads


theheavenofbooks 2.PNG



maielqady 2



thinpaperbacks 2.PNG



aenteereads 2.PNG



thedarkestpartsofsnow 2.PNG



twirlingpages 2.PNG



perpetualpages 2



bookishfanboy 2



n9erz 2



bookmarauder 2


What about you guys? Do you have a favourite Instagram account? Link me to your account below!


7 thoughts on “11 Of The Best Bookstagram Accounts To Follow

    1. It seems like white, solid sheets and super bright photos are the way to go nowadays! (No, really, did you know that brighter photos get something like 20% more likes on Instagram?? Also, white sheets work well because – apparently – photos with more background space generate 24% more likes! What even) Patterns can also work really well! @blueeyedbiblio includes sheets with stripe patterns on them, but I didn’t include her, since she is literally the biggest bookstagrammer there is at the moment. I recommend you use the dark wood to your advantage – https://www.instagram.com/whatgeorgiedid/ Let me know how it goes!


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