I Tried The Writer’s Life For A Few Days (Here’s How It Went)

So the school recently hooked us up with an author, Michael Pryor, in order to get us lazy students to write a 2000-word story each. It wasn’t until a few days ago that I realized that I hadn’t actually even started writing my story yet and then, I spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday panicking about what to write about and attempting to write a story. It’s only now that I finally understand how difficult it is to write. Anyway. Here’s a short recount of my experiences.

Firstly – the ideas. HOW DO WRITERS EVEN GET IDEAS. SERIOUSLY. I sat at my computer for an hour on Saturday, staring at a blank page and trying to write something, anything. Eventually, I threw in the towel, slapped down “It was cold” (to be fair, it was pretty cold) and worked from there. Then, I came up with an idea about a girl who wakes up in a coffin, not knowing anything except for her name. And that’s where that ended.

Then, I tried to write a memoir style story, in which I discovered my life is way too boring to make for any sort of entertaining reading whatsoever.

Eventually, I gave up, went on the subreddit for writing, and wrote 800 words or so about hitch hiker who kills her drivers being picked up by a person who kills the people he picks up. It was confusing.

FINALLY, I took a break, read a book, came back, and wrote 2000 words on a girl who comes to terms about her mother being killed by some nameless killer. Yeah. Not good.


Secondly, the writing. Here’s an open letter to the people at Google.

Dear the people at Google,

Can you please make some sort of invention that takes your thoughts and words them into acceptable English?

Thank you.

Kind regards,


HOW DO WRITERS EVEN WRITE SO BEAUTIFULLY, IT SEEMS LIKE VERY SINGLE TIME I SIT DOWN AND TRY TO WRITE A STORY AND PUT IT INTO SOME FORM OF GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT ENGLISH, I FAIL. And then, I go on Wattpad and read people’s stories and re-read my story, feeling as if it could have been written by a 5-year-old.


Thirdly, be sure that being a writer must be lonely. I spend three days locked up in my room with minimal contact with other people, mostly for the purpose of essential things that you need to live like food and water. Apart from that, it was either tap tap tapping or silence as I sit and inwardly die about how difficult writing is.

All in all, it was a good experience. I guess? I’m sure that authors must be very talented and reclusive people in order to be able to live such a difficult life. Have any of you ever tried to follow the writer’s life? What were your experiences?


Oh, and if you want to read what I came up with, here’s a Wattpad link. I would love it if you could provide some sort of feedback either in the Wattpad comments or just in the comments below! We are meant to be gathering feedback, after all, so thanks very much if you do that! Please be honest, don’t just say it was really good because you want me to aggressively tackle hug you. THANKS!



28 thoughts on “I Tried The Writer’s Life For A Few Days (Here’s How It Went)

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  2. This is pretty awesome. At least you gave it a go instead of just giving up ( I know i would have given up way way way before you) Havent checked out the story yet but Im heading there now………. and Im back!
    Whoa! pretty deep stuff there. A nice short story about releasing pain and grief. And dont worry about giving the killer a motive, we can just assume he was a psychopath. Nice work though although there might be a few words I would swap around.

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      1. So I apologise it has taken me years to respond. When i first read it I though there were some words that could be changed. but after re-reading it I think its just perfect. And reading it a second time still has the same effect as the first. It is a really awesome short story.

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  3. As a writer it is sometimes hard to come up with ideas. For me, usually I think about something weird or watch a good movie that can give me an idea about some aspect of the story and then I write about something else. Check out the movie, ” The Loft” if you haven’t seen it. I am on my way to read your story.

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  4. For me, I write when I get inspired by images. Maggie Stiefvater has absolutely beautiful imagery in her writer, and she gave advice about that! I literally don’t write very much at all, tho. For school, first I have to write a buttload of horribly written crap, then narrow down the focus of the paper. Maybe I’ll be an editor one day! WRITING IS HARD OKAY

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  5. Christy Luis

    Finding ideas is one of the hardest things about writing, for me (although not for everyone)! But I’ve heard some good tips from Brandon Sanderson (in his free online lectures; they’re soooo good! url: [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbL-84SkT4Q&list=PL2FCD81A6FE4280AC ] ) and Orson Scott Card (in his book How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy). It sounds like both of them let ideas develop over a very long time. Ideas smush together and grow…that kind of thing. I actually write down little inspiring scraps (setting ideas, character ideas, plot ideas, etc) and put them in a jar on my desk. That way, when I’m ready to start a story, I can pour them out and fit some together. I hope that helps! 🙂

    By the way, I found the website “critiquecircle.com” to be really helpful in getting feedback on my stories–and learning how to edit stories for myself. It’s really good practice, if you’re not in a crit group. I found some really nice veteran writers on the website and their crits gave me several “ah HA!” moments. Best of luck! 🙂

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  6. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received in regards to writing is that your own writing sounds boring/repetitive to you because you’re rather intimately familiar with it, while others find it new and exciting.
    I really liked the way your story was written actually, it felt a bit like a scattered stream of consciousness which is just what you’d expect in this kind of situation.

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  7. Ideas are hard to form, but sometimes a story will come to you, often it will develop from the strangest places. But the idea and writing it isn’t enough. I have a manuscript I wrote a first draft of two years ago and am only just getting around to editing it! Writing books is a long process which requires a lot of dedication and discipline, as you will probably edit the same story again and again until you are sick of it. But it is worth it in the end when that little seed of an idea you had becomes a fully-fledged novel. It seems magical.

    You have some really good idea’s in your story but here are some ideas that you might want to think about for example, depending on local laws police are often required to wait at least 24 hours before a missing persons case can even be opened, you could write about your characters frustration, “how can they not understand that her being an hour late is reason to be worried” for example and that increasing frustration and worry as it is becoming clear that her mother is clearly not coming home.

    Research is your best friend, you will end up with some pretty weird searches on your history list depending on what you are researching you could look up other murder cases and draw ideas from how the cases panned out and the time frame to really get a feel of how long these things can go on for, the story is called waiting and making the pacing to match that would work really well let your character experience the clinical-ness of the police station, the pain and anger of going through the trails, tap into any emotions that you have ever felt and feed them into your characters.

    Talk about The killer’s motives is he lying? Why did he want to kill your characters mother?

    But most importantly of all, keep on writing, the more you write the more you will find your stories and your ideas improve. Good luck, your ideas are really good!

    (Sorry this has turned into a bit of an essay ^_^;; I hope the feedback is helpful)

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    1. Thank you so much for your critique – it’s the best and most detailed feedback I’ve gotten so far. I will definitely research more – I was under a deadline to finish this story so I didn’t get around to, but I’ve got three weeks now to edit it and so I will definitely make sure I do so.

      I was wondering about whether or not to give the killer a motive – having it as a random cold-blooded case is really way too anti-climatic. I was thinking of developing some sort of strange background to the mum – and have that as the reason why she was killed – but I simply didn’t have the space to do so in 2000 words – we’re not allowed to go over 2300.

      Once again, thank you so much for all your help and I apologise that it’s taken me so, so long to get back to you – but your essay was definitely worth it.

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  8. SO TRUE. Except that I probably get like a million ideas but I don’t actually develop them? My ideas only live inside pinterest boards? I lose motivation pretty easily also, so the only thing I’ve ever written is fanfiction. (⌒_⌒;)
    In my opinion, writing is waaaaaaay easier than blogging (I still find it difficult after one year).
    I’ll be checking out your story though! (I’m too excited about that)

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    1. Aaaah!!! Thanks for checking out my story, I’m still figuring out all this Wattpad stuff XD I lose motivation really quickly as well – unless I’m under a deadline – which is why competitions like this are great! 🙂 I find blogging much easier, because I can always force a topic: “Hmm, what’s something I can talk about that’s fun but vaguely book related??? Oh I know! The merits of owning a snake. I’ll link it to books somehow” (^_^)/ I’M GLAD YOU ENJOYED IT!!!

      (Also I have no idea who Ciel is. I just searched him from Deviant Art, after trawling through all the skimpy half-naked girls -.-)

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      1. I have NO idea how you link anything to books or even find topics! Currently, I’m super tired when I come home (the perks of being in the science stream :P) and I’ve pushed blogging to some dark corner of my mind.
        Haha, Wattpad is confusing at first but it gets easy afterwards so don’t worry! Also, Ciel is a character from the manga/anime Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji and he is one of my favourite characters! 🙂

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