Why I Try To Treat Blogging As A Job, Not Just A Hobby (And Why You Should Do So Too)

Hello there. Remember me? It’s been quite a long time, partly due to exams, but also partly due to the little – or not so little – monster living under my bed called “laziness”.

I can count on one hand the number of book bloggers that openly say that they treat their blog like a job. They tend to be the efficient ones. The ones that post every 3 days, without fail. On the other hand, there are countless bloggers out there that repeatedly say: “blogging is just a hobby”, it’s just “something they like to do for fun”. I was one of them.

Treating my blog as a hobby has never worked for me, is not working for me, and never will work for me. I’ve recently figured that out, after having a look at my stats.

In July, when I first started posting, I posted 13 posts, most of which were just reviews. August and September were very similar: I posted 11 posts in August and 14 in September.

October was the month things started to change. I ditched posting only reviews, and went to posting discussion posts, other miscellaneous book-related things. My views exploded, verging on the border of 2000 and I posted 17 posts. I still don’t understand that month. Maybe it was the Halloween spirit or something.

Since then, my posts have steadily decreased: 13 posts, 17, 8, 7, 7, 6 and last month, 3 (in order of month from November 2015 to May 2016).

And that’s where treating blogging as a hobby comes in. As work started piling on and life in general just happened, it got harder and harder to post high quality posts, like how I used to. It took ages to make the header image – probably just as long as writing the post itself. Blogging always took second priority, because, you know, “it’s too hard to write a post” or “Photoshop takes too long to boot up and I’m just so tired”.

But the sad thing, I always had the time. It’s not like I was constantly running back and forth with responsibilities and things to do. I’ve always had time where I’ve whiled away hours just procrastinating: telling myself that I would write a review for this book and suddenly, I find myself watching Youtube. Or researching what to feed a pet snake (what the hell, I don’t even have a pet snake!) And then, it’s suddenly 10 o’ clock, I need to go to sleep, and “that review can wait another day”.

And it wasn’t until I realised that I posted three posts in the month of May (and they weren’t even really good ones. that I came to myself. What am I doing? Why am I not posting more? I love blogging, I really do, but this carefree, laidback “I can do it another time” attitude needs to go.

When I think of blogging as merely a hobby, I don’t do it. Because you always have tomorrow to do hobbies. But when I think of blogging as more than just a hobby – when I think of it as a responsibility I have to an absolutely lovely community that I think that I could contribute to – that’s when things change.

We’re getting down to the pointy end now, the one-year mark, and it’s around this point when the bloggers who care about free books and fans are revealed. It’s also the point when the bloggers who care about posting valuable content, and creating a community are revealed. Hopefully, both you and I can become the latter.

So here’s an open letter, kind of. It’s a pledge that I’m making and now it’s on the blog, I have no choice but to follow it. Thanks for reading, and thanks for being by my side, whether this is your first time, or if you were here when I posted my very first review. Goodbye, and hopefully, I’ll see you soon 🙂


30 thoughts on “Why I Try To Treat Blogging As A Job, Not Just A Hobby (And Why You Should Do So Too)

  1. I like to think of blogging in a hobby in the sense that, yeah, I’m not getting paid for it, so it can’t exactly come first. I need to focus on school, my job, my family, and blog when I have time.I try not to have strict schedules and such because that makes it less fun. BUT I do think that people who are serious about growing their audiences or having a reputation as a really strong blogger need to approach blogging at least a little like a job. You have to be committed to it and be serious in terms of producing good quality content and learning how to promote it.

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    1. Of course – since we’re not getting, and it’s * essentially * a hobby, then it should always be secondary to the important things in life – I just found that when I took that sort of attitude, it always became secondary and I just posted so incredibly little. I’ve taken a more rigid sort of approach, and it’s going much better these past few months 🙂


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  3. sidexreads

    i really like to read about peoples’ stances on this, especially because i’ve always been on the other side of things, and i like to see why people agree or disagree too.

    i’ve always thought of book blogging as a very flexible thing, but it’s also probably because i don’t do it for a large group of people. i do it for myself to get thoughts out rather than to try to convince people to read a cool new series or something along those lines.

    i feel like if i tried to be too serious about it, it would make it a lot less enjoyable, and i don’t want to burn myself out on something i enjoy, you know?

    anyway, this post was really interesting! i’m glad i just found this blog. have a nice day!


    1. I’ve had a lot of people comment something very similar to you, and I guess it just comes down to personal preference. For myself, I know that I work much better under a little bit of pressure, and I guess if I can emulate that pressure for myself, then I would work better and the blog would work well? I’ve tried it out the past few weeks, and I’ve managed to pump out heaps of posts while still dealing with school and whatnot – so it’s working well. I’d say give it a try for perhaps a week or two and see how you go – you can always revert back to your original preference if you want! Thanks so much for dropping by – enjoy your time here 😀


  4. Carlin

    I’m new to this whole blogging shebang so I can’t really relate to this post. *shrugs* I’ve seen TONS of posts on treating blogging as a job and I’m not the most qualified person to talk about this but personally I think blogging should remain a hobby for me. I end up feeling stressed when I think of treating it like a job!
    (Okaaaaaay, your graphics are the bomb. Like, I don’t know how much time does it take but it’s really nice to look at! 😁 )


    1. Ahaha, welcome to the blogosphere! (That’s such a fun word to type out). I used to think of my blog only as a hobby as well, but then realised that doing that is only counteractive for me, because I don’t actually get much done. I think it’s mostly a personal preference kind of thing, and your preference may change as you blog for longer! Thanks for dropping by, I’m glad you like the graphics 😀 😀 😀 (They don’t usually take that much time to make because I do have a template that I just edit for each post… maybe 15-20 minutes per graphic?)


  5. I absolutely LOVE this post, thank you so much for sharing this, Paul! I have to say, I treat blogging like a job, as well, but I try to remind myself that it’s a job that does NOT pay, so I am not forced to commit when I don’t want to, to make extra hours just because I know it’ll make me extra money, or something like that. I do treat blogging like a job as well, because I’m scheduling a lot, I always think about what I have to do every day, I take it as my job – a job I love – to visit blogs and leave thoughtful comments and everything. I am committed, but for instance, yesterday night I got home later than expected because of work, and I had comments and blogs to catch up on, yet I didn’t do it. I caught up today, and I feel happy that I did my duty ahahah. Anyway, all of that to say, if you’re asking me, blogging is a job, really, but it’s a job I love. So it’s not a chore. The day it becomes a chore, is the day I’ll start asking myself questions 🙂
    Wow I rambled SO MUCH, sorry haha. Great post! 🙂

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    1. YES! This kind of mindframe is exactly what I’m trying to create for myself – where blogging is still definitely fun and something that I love doing – but something with a little more structure and order to it. Otherwise, I JUST GET NOTHING DONE T_T 😀 Thanks for dropping by, Marie!

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  6. I definitely think that I SHOULD start treating blogging as a job, especially if I want to prove that I’m serious about it! (Right now, I’m going through a bit of technical issues with my MacBook, actually, and GAH I CAN’T STAND MY BACKUP ASUS OK) You make a lot of good points here – commitment is key! I personally haven’t posted on my blog, in oh, about 2 months. [sheepish grin] [hides from thrown tomatoes] I literally have had NO time, what with finals and such! I’m currently composing reviews! Laziness does NOT hide under my bed, however. It exudes from every corner of my messily “organized” room. It has a shady banner and everything. WAH. I just really hate having to fix every detail of my post! For you, it’s the graphics (hey, BEAUTY IS PAIN), but for me, being on Blogger, it’s CSS. I HAVE MINOR LEVELS OF OCD I GUESS. Anyway, at least you have a dedicated following that hangs on your every word! YOU’RE SUCH A FABULOUS PERSON AND YOU DESERVE IT ALL!

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    1. *throws tomatoes*

      POST SOMETHING HELEN!!!! (Also why did you delete the music video clip review of Selena Gomez’s song – can’t remember the name – that was good!!


      YES GRAPHICS ERMAGORD URGHURGHRUHGU They take such a long time to make and I keep fiddling with them and stuff BLEUGH. I’ve settled on a theme though – finally – so it’s gotten much better recently.

      AWW THANK YOU!! (But am I still fabulous even though I posted THREE times last month???)


  7. I feel the same way. All my hobbies fall short, the only thing I don’t lack is my job. I want to be serious with my blog as well, so I might have to make it a job than a hobby. Great post! Really felt it on this one

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    1. Thanks, Becca 🙂 All my hobbies are always really floppy until I actually decide to do something about it and get my shit together. I work best under a little bit of pressure and when I’m a little stressed, so I’m trying to generate that stress (“I’m purposely trying to make myself stressed!” said no one ever except for me). Let me know how you go 🙂


  8. See I’m one of those people who believes blogging IS a hobby rather than a job, because if I feel like I HAVE to do it, I probably won’t want to anymore. I do admit that I sometimes feel responsible when it comes to posting things on time, especially since I post so many times each week. But I still only do it because I honestly love writing posts and organizing everything – the photoshoots, the links, the sharing, all the technical stuff. And I feel like because it’s a hobby rather than a job, that’ll give me some small comfort if things get too stressful with how many posts I do – I’ll know that it won’t be the end of the world if I schedule a post slightly later than usual or something. The only time it has ever felt like a job to me is when I get review requests, and I have to send off emails. That all seems very formal to me and as you can probably tell, I’m not the formal sort at all haha!

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    1. Haha 😀 You do seem like the sort of person to keep everything a little more lax (that’s a good thing XD) I love posting too, but I usually just get overcome with the amount of work I have to do, and so I burn out (bit of a catch 22, because I love the writing but don’t really enjoy all the other sections like graphics and Insta, etc). I work best under a little bit of stress and pressure, so I guess I’m just trying to emulate that kind of deadline pressure 😀 Glad to hear that the hobby approach works for you, though! I guess it’s a personal preference thing. Thanks for dropping by, Ashleigh 😀

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  9. I think I might be the opposite. I’ve never been a huge fan of writing and the only reason I started blogging was to practice being more articulate. I soon realized that schedules didn’t work for me. It felt too much like work and I just didn’t want to do it. However, once I started doing it for fun whenever I felt like it, I found myself putting more effort into my posts. I actually started having fun!
    This is my first time here by the way! Hi!
    I love your header and feature images!

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    1. Haha I’ve had a lot of people say that! I guess it turns out to a personal preference thing. For myself, I know that I find it really hard to start doing things unless I’m under some sort of deadline or I HAVE to do it. I love to write posts but I don’t really like all the things that come along with it, like taking photos and etc. I love having discussions, etc, but my Photoshop takes so long to open up, I sometimes just avoid doing posts because of that (It’s actually so sad, my Photoshop takes a full minute to boot up and my computer lags to snail pace during that time. And I can’t have Chrome and Photoshop open at the same time, otherwise the RAM dies *baaaaa*)

      YAY!! NEW VISITOR!! WELCOME!! I’m glad you like the headers 😀 (Trust me, you’ll get sick of them eventually XD)


      1. Oh no that stinks! But the headers make your blog very unique and pleasant to look at. Even though I only do simple things like, take pictures, I find it to be tiring too. I don’t know why but sadly I’ve realized that the posts with no pictures get almost no views.
        Looking forward to more of your posts!

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      2. The time technical issues eat up is a valid reason for frustration with the blogging process. I am living for 3 months in a place (IN THE U.S. for heaven’s sake) with almost dialup slow connectivity. It makes me not want to do anything on the computer so I am behind with email, reading blogs, posting–everything that involves computers. I can’t even update my OS because the connection times out. I got up at 3:30 full moon time and have been enjoying the job/hobby conversation. I weigh in somewhere in the middle. Good post!


  10. I have an upcoming post related to this topic (I have it scheduled for some other day though). But for me blogging will always be just a hobby. I’ll never see it as work because work for me is too serious, too worrisome, and too strict. And I believe I made the right decision to firmly stick to what I want my blog is, and how should I treat it. I managed to run my blog with that ethos for many years & I still love the first time I launch my blog. Some people are good with treating their blog as a job, but I’m not one of those. But whether they treat it as a job or just a hobby really depends on the person. You know what works better for you. ❤

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    1. Thanks for dropping by, Mitchii! I definitely see where you’re coming from. There are two edges to a sword, and a lot of people find that when they treat their blog as a business, the whole thing becomes a chore and, as you said – too worrisome and strict. It’s a lot of a personal thing, isn’t it? 🙂 I don’t think treating my blog as a hobby works for me, because then it becomes to lax, and I work well with a little bit of worry and stress. (Not sure if that’s a good or bad personality trait XD)



  11. I am the opposite. Treating it like a job made me want to stop doing it. Since I stopped treating it like a job, I find that the lack of pressure to post actually has caused me to increase my posting habits.

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  12. I Started my blog more for a document for when I go on my year abroad, and my general university life, but it has grown into so much more than that now, although blogging can take up a lot of time I am getting better now at posting often, it is more than just a hobby, and yes I do need to treat this like a job and shoo away the Laziness monster from under my bed too!

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  13. I started my blog having no idea about this blogging thing, I thought I’ll only be posting book reviews but then I was exposed to a lot more things. I really don’t feel like blogging is just a hobby, I think of it as my secret part-time job in which I need to fulfill my responsiblities to. And sometimes, I just don’t feel like blogging anymore (and I’m just hitting my first month) and I just want to watch random Youtube videos instead of writing posts but I try to keep in mind that I have this little corner in the internet where I have duties to accomplish haha. 😄

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