Presenting Yet Another Meh Book

I was sent Winterkill and it’s sequel, Darkthaw, a while ago, in exchange for an honest review, so apologies to Allen and Unwin for the delay!

Today, we have in very convenient and easy-to-read list format, the things that I did and didn’t enjoy about Winterkill, by Kate A Boorman. Enjoy!

What I Liked

the writing

The writing style would have been disjointed and jerky in any other book, but was completely perfect for Winterkill in particular, mainly due to the inhabitants of the village not being “properly” educated. There are some subtle nuances to the writing, such as the repetition of various words, that really enhance the writing.

the culture

I really enjoyed the emphasis on the community being both French and English, and quite liked the snippets of French throughout the book. I’ve heard other reviewers say that if you speak French, it gets a little repetitive, but I it added nicely to the flair of the story, from the perspective of a non-French speaker.

the setting

We weren’t really given a time or place, but the writing style indicated a time period from a long time ago? The world building was well done, and the village certainly felt very 3D to me. Some other reviews have complained about the lack of information, and said that the world building lacked concrete details, but I think the exclusion of times and places added a certain air of mystery about the book that I quite liked.

what i didn't like

em and the ornaments

I’d like to have seen some more depth to some of the secondary characters in the book, because at times, it felt as if they were there simply to support Emmeline. While I get that Emmeline is the main character, the minor – well, they weren’t that minor – characters could definitely have done with a bit more developing.

the pacing

The book is actually quite short (well, relatively), but it felt much longer than it really was, mainly because of all the repetition of actions and scenes. Some of the thing that happen tend to reoccur, creating an almost-loop, and by the time the reader is taken out of that loop, they’re basically already dead from boredom.

the main plotline

While this book isn’t exactly generic, it’s quite a standard dystopian book. Not really the best, not really the worst, just another [meh] dystopian book.

So in conclusion, while Winterkill does have a lot going for it in terms of setting and culture, the underdeveloped secondary characters and standard plot line let it down. I look forward to reading the second one, and posting a review! Until then, au revoir.

Me again. Just thought I’d jump in with a mention of another book, similar to this that perhaps you might like. The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly is another “religious cult” kind of book, and you might enjoy this if you enjoyed that, or enjoy that if you enjoyed this. Now, au revoir.

Where Emmeline lives, you cannot love and you cannot leave…

The Council’s rules are strict, but they’re for the good of the settlement in which Emmeline lives. Everyone knows there is nothing but danger the other side of the Wall, and the community must prepare for the freezing winterkill that comes every year.

But Emmeline struggles to be obedient under the Council’s suffocating embrace – especially when she discovers that a Council leader intends to snatch her hand in marriage.

Then Emmeline begins to hear the call of the trees beyond the Wall…


Goodreads   /   Book Depository

Rating: 2.5/5


14 thoughts on “Presenting Yet Another Meh Book

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  2. I like dystopian although it can get a little tooooo repetitive sometimes. Winterkill sounds so interesting though! Might check it out one day. Your banners are so amazing and this review style is nice to read. DIVULGE YOUR SORCERY (OR SECRETS, WHATEVER) TO US LOUSY GRAPHIC MAKERS!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AHA THANK YOU!! (Literally the only reason this banner is nice is because the cover is really nice, though XD) I’m actually planning this huge graphic How-To soon, but I have to finish writing it first (it’s five or six posts tied together in a series, and each one is about 1000 words each and some of them have worksheets, etc. It’s taking AGES and I’m still only halfway through the “Where to Find Graphics” posts. WELP. It’ll get posted eventually.

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  3. I’ve been reading so many dystopian YA novels, but I never seem to get tired of them! I actually quite liked Winterkill (I haven’t had a chance to read the second one yet). Thanks for the book recommendation at the end of your review, I will have to give The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly a go. Also love your banner!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I think that you’ll LOVE The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly! Make sure you do get around to it. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m glad you liked it 🙂 I did enjoy making it 😀 (Seriously though, I’ve literally just copied and pasted pictures from the book cover)


    1. I feel like the dystopian genre is slowly dying out at the moment, giving way to perhaps contemporary stories set in high schools? Some dystopian books that I REALLY liked include classics like The Hunger Games, etc. I think that you’ll like The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly, though!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve been wanting to read The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly for a long time, I just haven’t got to it yet! The Dystopian genre is definitely dying now that most of them are carbon copies of the previous one. Not going to say that I’ll miss it.


  4. THAT IS ONE NICE BANNER. I’d be an oxymoron if I said that it wasn’t. (Do you get that? I’m not sure heh.) I mean even though it’s from the cover, it’s pretty awesomely awesome. 🙂

    Personally, there’s tons of standardly meh dystopian books. So… meh. (There aren’t really words to describe meh. Like there’s mediocre and other stuff but I feel like “meh” is just the entire sentiment on a whole new level summed up in 3 letters, ya know?) Tbh I’m kind of over with the entire dystopian phase but if there is an actually super good one out there, I’d definitely give it a shot. A better shot than ones you get in a doctor’s office.

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    1. Yeah, true 😦 The dystopian phase is now wrapping up and so many authors are still pumping out more meh stories, trying to almost squeeze a little bit more money out of the phase before it goes away completely. I feel like we’re giving way to a kinda contemporary, “set in a high school” phase now?

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      1. Yeahhhh, it’s dying already and I don’t think I can handle another one!
        I guess there’s a sort of “John Green” phase. Like many books started talking about sicknesses and mental illnesses and teenagers with weird quirky habits who defy the physics of the school clique classification. Personally, I think we’re also leaning towards this fantasy set in the middle east? Like Wrath and Dawn and Rebel of the Sands… or at least similarly vibed books? Not quite sure. BUT THE TIMES ARE CHANGING.

        (Btw, did you read our email yet?)


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