Let’s Talk About… Super Depressing Books

Inspired by Mitchii’s post on Tearjerkers (Also, Mitchii is amazing you definitely need to check out her blog).

So I don’t know about you guys but I don’t cry while I read. As in, I just don’t. Ever. I cannot think of an occasion where I’ve cried while I read. If I ever say: “you’ll cry buckets” during a post, then it’s either for dramatic effect (cue the drama llama) or because I think you guys will probably cry lots – considering the fact that you’re not super dry, boring, emotionless potatoes like me.

I actually went through a phase a while ago (I go through lots of phases. I have lots of weird knowledge that I get from all of these phases like: how to kill someone with no evidence (murder phase); how to arrange elements of graphic design so that your design is aesthetically pleasing (design phase); how to adjust aperture, ISO, shutter speed to nicely light your photos (photography phase); how the human brain works (psychology phase); a little bit of HTML and CSS (coding phase); how to work smarter not faster (procrastination phase), ETC. It literally goes on and on and on and on and on. I go through a different phase every few months or so, depending on what kind of phase it’s on. And anyway. I have a lot of strange yet surprisingly useful knowledge (Disclaimer: I am not saying that murder is good. I am simply saying that murder knowledge is useful. Hehe. RELEASE THE PIGS. So ahem. Where was I? Right. “I actually went through a phase a while ago) where I decided to try and find a book/story/manga/movie/whatever sad enough to make me cry, and guess what? Nothing. I actually found TFIOS funny. I dunno how but it was just so funny. Like the part where


Augustus dies, it was just like: “Augustus Waters died three days later” said in a similar tone to “Augustus Waters went out for Taco Bell three days later”. ALL I COULD THINK OF WAS AUGUSTUS WATERS GETTING TACO BELL I DUNNO AUSTRALIA DOESN’T EVEN HAVE TACO BELL.

So yeah, I don’t cry.

Instead, I get this kinda achey feeling around the chest/heart area? Do any of you guys ever experience that? It’s this incredibly painful and nostalgic feeling accompanied with a super dulled yet still intense throbbing near the heart. Now that I think about it, this is probably worse than crying. Maybe it’s internal crying? I don’t know.

Do you guys ever cry while you read? Care to share a few super depressing suggestions so I can prove I’m not an emotionless potato? Do you guys ever experience the intense achey chest feeling? Let’s chat below (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ


33 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About… Super Depressing Books

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  2. savageneurons

    Intense achy feeling – definitely. But the tears generally proceed it. I don’t know, it’s just the more i think about it, really turn over the character’s suffering in my head, that i connect more – and it feels all too raw and real BLEHHHH 😦

    But with your mentioning of the phases, because interestingly me too. I recently came across knowledge about the Japanese suicide forests, and then i was studying psychology at school and the teacher mentioned this book on cultural differences on depression that i found this novel about different ways to commit suicide (but it was oddly practical, and dare i say, even common in Japan, and even more weird was that it actually was a legit step-by-step guide, i know very depressing) however, couldn’t find the book anywhere in english. Maybe it’s banned idk, but it’s just interesting.

    Also on the topic of tearjerking novels, i read Find Her by some author, and it was a super basic read, it was about assault and all that and just super sad – and yes i cried, and i too, am a potato.

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    1. Gah! Thank God someone else has that strange hurty chest feeling as well. IT’S COMPLETELY NORMAL.

      And I’m sure SOMETHING productive MUST have come out of these phases. Right?? Right???

      Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll put it on my TBR now 😀

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  3. Aw, thanks for the shout-out! *glomps*

    As I said in my post, I’m not the biggest cry baby but I did cry while reading. Only happened ‘coz the moment was executed properly. Sometimes I knew that it wanted to rouse my feelings—some tearjerker books are felt manufactured. The emotions were mechanical. So it was so hard for me to get emotional when I know it’s nothing but bait. That said, some authors excel at putting emotions in their stories. It was sad because it was sad not because it needs to make the readers sad. (I’m getting nowhere…I suck at explaining, ahaha).

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    1. No worries! I loved your post ^_^ It’s annoying when you come across a book that’s obviously manufactured to try and make you cry. It’s much more effective when the sadness comes naturally, or at least is believable. Nono, I get what you mean. It’s like an author killing a character to make the book sad rather than a character dying “naturally”. Ugh. I suck at explaining too XD T_T


  4. I cry relatively easily while reading stories. Usually, it’s the parts that are obviously angsty that set me off but sometimes, a random line or situation finds me trying to read through blurry eyes- let’s just say I’ve become pretty good at reading while crying.

    But in my case, stories and characters are the outlet for my emotions since I find it extremely hard to feel anything in my own life. I actually love stuff that makes me cry. In particularly hard cases, my chest feels tight and about to burst, but that too eventually ends in tears.

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  5. I cry all the time at books, but then again, I cry at real life too. That’s just normal for me.
    I’d challenge you to read Code Name Verity without crying. There is this one scene…gah! It’s a great story (even if you don’t cry) and it’s a lot more than just a sad book 🙂

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  6. I do cry at some books, but not many – I know what you mean about the internal crying weird chest pain thing though. For me, it depends on how attached/emotionally connected to the characters I am. Have you ever read The Chaos Walking Trilogy by Patrick Ness? Because all three of those books made me weep. I cared so much about the characters, so when anything bad happened it was heartbreaking.

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    1. I haven’t read Chaos Walking, but I see The Knife of Never Letting Go very time I go to my library, so I’ll make sure I pick it up next time I’m there. Thank you for the recommendation! I’m glad that someone else gets that weird chest feeling I DON’T HAVE A DISEASE IT’S OKAY

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      1. You’re very welcome! I’ll be interested to see what you think… a certain scene in this book had me sobbing like a baby. But in general, these books are amazing. I get bored of reading books with a dystopian kinda slant because they’re so samey, but this one is refreshingly original. HAHAH no don’t worry I totally get it, rest assured you are not diseased!!

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  7. Ok I don’t like reading depressing books. I’m one of those that likes to live in the happy bubble *skipping down the yellow brick road singing out loud* I feel like life is depressing enough so why conjure it up with my imagination. A huge secret, I never read or watched TFIOS so there! thanks for the spoiler. I did read a book once(review on my blog) where I properly ugly cried because it was just so sad and I promised I wouldn’t go down that road again.
    Like you I also have the phases; the lets read all the marvel comic books in the world phase (this one is still happening) and other similar to yours.
    So no depressing books are a no go area for me. I like to keep it sunny.(don’t you dare burst my bubble)

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    1. WHAT. NO. I LOVE DEPRESSING BOOKS SO MUCH I DON’T EVEN KNOW. I LOVE THAT WEIRD ACHEY FEELING EVEN THOUGH I DON’T CRY. It’s okay, though. You can go on living in your little bubble XD One day, though, you’re going to read a book you think it all happy and light, and it’s going to turn around and KILL ALL THE CHARACTERS because trust me I speak from experience T_T


  8. Gosh the MURDER PHASE. I’m always afraid to say this because I get super paranoid and my brain just screams ARE THEY GONNA BLAME ME every single time I say this, BUT I HAVE THR SAME THING. I mean it’s not like I WANT to kill anybody, I just think: WOULD I BE ABLE TO GET AWAY?

    OH YES THE ACHY FEELING. The cries are just tears but that feeling OF THE CHEST- IT HURTS SO BAD. I mean IS IT NATURAL. SHOULD IT HURT THIS MUCH TO READ? Anyway, if you were looking for some books that made me cry: (Paperweight, Me Before You (wink wink), Second Chance Summer and The Sky is Everywhere (and her second novel is AMAZING, though recommend reading this one first 🙂 ) ENJOY!

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    1. HAHA It’s nice to hear someone else went through the murder phase too. AND TRUE. My friends keep saying I’m creepy and morbid, etc BUT IT’S NOT THAT I WANT TO KILL SOMEONE. It’s just like, maybe it’ll be useful one day? And would I get away with it?? I dunno *shrug* LIFE QUESTIONS

      And YES. I will read all those books. I love non-crying ;D

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      1. AHA RIGHT. Exactly – I just might have to use it someday, all those people will be unprepared and I would have thought IT ALL through 😉 I think I’d fail though, my clumsy self would probably fall flat on my face leaving me crying my tears and snot all over the crime scene as well as a giant hand print. That or I’d need to go toilet and drop my phone in the toilet and leave or SOMETHING EQUALLY DUMB.

        Aha, I HOPE YOU ENJOY 🙂

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  9. mjeestrella

    I’ve never cried while/after reading, but I think I’ve embraced some uhm acceptable alternatives – (1) staring at walls/ceilings, (2) mentally cursing for 15 mins or so, (3) feeling hollow for about a day or two (no kidding).

    books that precipitated the above-mentioned behaviors – More Happy Than Not, Marley and Me (idk what happened), We are the Ants, Ari and Dante (nope, no TFIOS there too)

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    1. Well, obvious, these are the only acceptable alternative. And if you think about it, reading is vividly hallucinating while looking at dots of ink. So you’re the one hallucinating. Which means you’re creating your own world? Which means you’re destroying your own world? WHICH MEANS THAT YOU’VE JUST MADE YOURSELF INCREDIBLY SAD FROM YOUR OWN HALLUCINATIONS WUUUUUT O_O

      (Definitely going to read Ari and Dante soon. I’ve heard really good things about it)

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  10. OH, I’m the same. It’s like this chest pain in which I go ooooooooh that hurts. It’s like that nostalgia feeling you get but intensified? Yeah, basically what you said. So when I “cry” I shed mental tears. I mean, sometimes I’m still an emotional wreck but that’s me flinging my pillows around and hitting myself because of all the pains and feels.

    Okay, for TFIOS I felt like it was so overrated when I read it. Eh. Like it was sad, I didn’t laugh tho lol HOW DO U LAUGH (but reading the Taco Bell thing did make me laugh out loud ahaha). Okay, I kind of get it. It just sounds so casual! But the thing was, the characters just had some lines that were almost too deep. Deeper than my pile of unwashed clothes. (Whoops, don’t tell.) IT’S SO DEEP HOW DO PEOPLE JUST CONTEMPLATE LIFE SO… Casually. I turn to poetry for that stuff. AKA I Have A Bunny. My actual ones aren’t very good. (I try.)

    Tip: if you actually want to cry, go chop some onions while reading. Your parents would probably appreciate your help in the kitchen, right? (I break and burn everything I touch so it’s not my ideal place.)

    THOSE PHASES ARE LIKE ME. Nah, I didn’t actually have those phases but all of those things are stuff that are in my interests? I don’t know how to code but it seems cool/fun and the “where do you hide the body” is interesting too haha. But everything else, those are basically my interests. Photography is my constant interest buuuuut I push all the buttons on the stupid camera and I still can’t diagnose the problem. My phases include: narwhals, blobfish, going to the Arctic/a bunch of other countries (I go into these phases by procrastinating on Google Street View it’s SUPER FUN), world enclaves (THEY’RE SO COOL). Also, I’ve literally watched sooo many videos and read articles on how to be productive, taken pages of notes, AND YET LOOK AT ME NOW.

    If you’ve had enough of long comments, SORRY pls don’t hate me! ಥ_ಥ
    ༼ つ ಥ_ಥ ༽つ

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    1. 5 DAYS LATER (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`) (I don’t even know what that emoticon is. Whatever)

      YES I SHED MENTAL TEARS. That’s a good explanation.

      I don’t shed tears when shredding onions either. (HAHAH THE PUN OM- okay I’ll get out of here)

      And also I do that as well! I procrastinate by learning how not to procrastinate. You should read this super long article on procrastination on the blog Wait But Why. Google: “Wait But Why Procrastination”. It’s actually interesting, if not really helpful.

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      1. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh do you know the PAIN IN WAITING??!! It’s excruciating. Then again, when I don’t reply to comments I get bombarded with my own guilt too.
        WHAT DOES IT TAKE FOR YOU TO SHED TEARS? I thought it wasn’t possible to cry out of joy when I read about it but then sometimes I laugh so much that tears are on the verge of making its escape out of my eyes and I was like… oh.
        Yes, please get out. XD
        Legit we the same. And hey, guess what? I’ve watched the TED Talk for that! Sometimes I waste my life watching TED Talks thinking that I’m being productive by becoming smarter. (I’m really not.) The other day, I watched this one and I LAUGHED SO HARD: https://www.ted.com/talks/james_veitch_this_is_what_happens_when_you_reply_to_spam_email You should procrastinate by watching it too!
        (☞゚∀゚)☞ (You have now made me paranoid and I always have to put the emoji on the next line no matter the length. WHY PAUL WHY.)
        ~ Moi


  11. Lovely post! I cry about books super easily – I cry when they’re sad, I cry when they’re happy, I cry when I’m angry about it, I even cry when I read a really beautiful quote. The saddest books I’ve ever read were Me Before You and Tiger Lily hands down!

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  12. Hmm this is a really interesting concept. I shred tears during TFIOS, but I don’t actually think it’s that sad of a book. I get the achey feeling in your chest. Murakami books always leave me with that feeling, especially is “rat” series. I found The Serpent King really gripping.

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  13. HAHA I love your phases. Esp that murdet knowledge phase 😏 quite helpful indeed !! I actually cried in books ! The first book that ever made me cry was The Book Thief 😂🙈 I guess it just depends on the person. Like you, my boyfriend doesn’t cry while watching sensitive movies or reading sad books. XD

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  14. I’ll cry for books, though I have to really be into the story. I didn’t cry for A Fault In Our Stars either but I did cry for The Hunger Games so for me it all depends on how invested in the character I am.

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