Here’s A Colouring Book That You Can Actually Do!

Note: I was provided with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Murdoch Books!

Colouring books have taken the world by storm. Literally. The illustrator/authors sit around laughing manically while their creations rain chaos and destruction upon the world and all us book people run around screaming like herds of headless antelopes .

And you know the worst thing about all this? The books are all marketed as “easy” and for “non artists” because you “don’t need any artistic skill to colour” in, and you’ve been “doing it since you were a child”. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT?? I CAN’T DO IT. This isn’t remotely as easy as the PR people try to fool you into thinking.

First you have to find a page that looks relatively easy but will also look impressive if you colour it in right. Then you have to go out and buy materials. And you have to spend money on actually good materials because two dollar dodgy colouring pencils never look good when you try to colour with them.

And I spent some time searching colouring pencils and it looks like the really, REALLY good quality ones cost like 10 dollars for one pen. And you need like 20 colours at least. $200 ON COLOURING MATERIAL??? No thanks.

And then, after you’ve wrestled some kind of control over your budget and found some not so dodgy but still pretty dodgy colouring pencils that look good (and more important, are CHEAP), you have to choose the colours.

And that’s a lot harder than it sounds. I mean, complementary colours are meant to look nice, but orange and blue never look good. Take my advice. Don’t do it. Then you have to choose the hues, choose the colours you’re going to put down, choose WHERE you’re going to put each colour, choose WHAT hue you’re going to put where, and it goes ON and ON and ON.

And then after all this stress choosing colours, etc, you have to do the actual colouring in. And I dunno about you but colouring is pretty damn hard. It’s not as easy as people would have you think it. So much for stress RELIEF. In fact, I have this secret theory that colouring book authors actually tell you that colouring is easy so that when you make a mistake, you feel like such a child and you don’t want to tell anyone and just smile and sit there clutching the colouring book desperately.

WELL THAT AIN’T GONNA WORK FOR ME. I draw as if I were drawing on a bus. During an earthquake. During a random meteor shower. And I don’t colour in any better. And you know what? It really doesn’t help when colouring books give you tiny little bit to colour in where the nib of the texta is thicker than the bit where you have to colour in and then the colour goes outside of the line and then ERMAGORD WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO??? THE BOOK IS SPOILT!! Your colour scheme goes down the drain, you rip out the page, sell your soul to the devil in exchange for that piece of colour to go back inside the line and then it all happens again. Too bad you’ve only got one soul.

All this gets pretty damn exhausting. And that’s where this book comes in.

The beauty of this book is that it’s simple. There are some pages where there is one single image in the middle of the page and all white space around it. The images are (mostly) large and clip arty rather than tiny and detailed and IMPOSSIBLE TO COLOUR. Look at what I – I – have managed to do:

IMG_0414 (2)

Granted, though, that photo has gone through hell and back in Photoshop.

Other images in this book include:

IMG_0416 (2)
Which doesn’t look easy but looks easIER than certain other colouring books ahemJohannaBasfordahem
IMG_0415 (2)
At first this looks all big and complicated but if you look again, you’ll see that the images are actually really large and simplistic. None of this shadow and detail stuff that is in other books not mentioning any names ahemJohannaBasfordahem

ANYHOW. You get the point. Buy this book. Colour it in. Revel in the easiness of it. Bask in the envy of all your colouring book friends.

P.S. On a scale of one to ten how much did my Australian-ness of “colour” annoy you? Comment below!


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15 thoughts on “Here’s A Colouring Book That You Can Actually Do!

  1. Alex

    Here’s a little maths:
    Alex + colouring books = disaster
    No seriously, I can’t colour for my life. I even tried manga colouring on Photoshop after getting inspired by those tumblr edits and I found out that colouring the picture was the least of my worries. IT WAS THOSE DAMN SHADOWS, ARGGHHH! I lack in the creativity department.
    Your picture is really pretty though. 🙂
    (Although I find it weird that you get colouring books for review? Sorry about that!)


    1. Omg I’ve actually done that too. I got like a manga chibi render or something and then got my paintbrush and paint bucket tool and tried to colour it in and it was so much of a fail I deleted it and emptied my trash immediately. THE COLOURS WERE SO HIDEOUS.

      (And also yeah I totally get you. I requested the book because I thought I should probably try to shake things up a little in terms of the kind of books I reviewed XD )

      (And also WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR BLOOGGGG???????)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. OK THIS MIGHT BE RANT-ISH. But basically EVERYTHING I say becomes a rant because I just type so much. And I talk so much in real life. I can LITERALLY talk about nothing forever.(Dang it.) Here’s the reason why colouring books are supposed to be “stress-relief”: it’s for people who DON’T CARE about having a bit of colour outside of bounds because you’re colouring on a rocketship on the way to Luna or about the colour scheme because THE COLOUR SCHEME MATTERS. I cannot colour aimlessly with whichever colour I happen to pick up. It makes a tear in my BRAIN CELLS.

    So yep, I bought one of those complicated colouring books that you can’t actually colour in just because it looked nice and I was like hey, I’ll endure the torture cuz in the end I’ll have a masterpiece right? Let me just show you a photo of all my hard work. Honestly. (But it’s a comment so idek if that’s possible. Instagram?) IT’S SO HARD TO COLOUR… what am I supposed to colour it with??? An ant’s limb and patience the size of Jupiter?

    Also dangggg because your colouring skills are SO ON POINT, it’s sharper than my wit. Tell me, what did you colour it with? Me wants it very much. And your spelling of “colour” for me should be on a scale of zero to negative infinity because that’s the only way I spell it too so I really can’t complain, if you’ve noticed.

    ~ From you can tell who it is because of the stupid essay (I can’t help ranting all the time. Just SAME OPINIONS.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Seriously though, if you don’t care about the colour going outside of the line or the dodgy colour scheme, then you really shouldn’t be buying stress relieving colouring books, because if you don’t care about huge important things like that, then surely you can just ignore whatever is causing you stress. #FailProof

      And yes. Maybe colouring authors have ant farms purely so they can rip off the legs of the ants and colour in using that. (That actually sounds really violent but still surprisingly useful.)

      As for what I coloured in with, I like to use THE BLOOD OF MY ENEMIES MWAAGAG-

      it’s just texta ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      And yes definitely post it to Instagram. YOU HAVEN’T POSTED ANYTHING IN 5 WEEKS

      Liked by 1 person

      1. WOAH, hold up. Golden logic right there. Please hold while I take that thought down into my notebook.

        Aha, now I know what ant farms are for! You know, maybe “adult” colouring books were originally made FOR ants but in the effort of trying to reach a larger market to make some ka-ching, they brought it to the humans.

        Annnnnnnnnd you may or not believe this but I had to google what texta was and now I’m sitting on my chair feeling like a complete idiot.

        About Instagram: SHUT IT I KNOWWWWW. LET’S NOT GO THERE…. (It’s slightly embarrassing so let’s just uh not think about it at the moment. But because you’ve reminded me, I’ll try to post something. I’m just too lazy cuz it’s too much effort to make it looking artsy like yours. Gimme help pls. Thanks, much appreciated. Bye Imma hibernate in my lonely cave now. *sighs defeatedly*)


        1. Ermagord a conspiracy. Can’t you just see it in the headlines now: “Book Bloggers Reveal Colouring Book Conspiracy! Authors Facing Legal Bills”.

          (And it’s okay * pats shoulder reassuringly * You insta forgives you. And btw you should totally get Twitter. So much less effort.)

          Liked by 1 person

  3. I did try doing some of the colouring books but I just don’t have the patience as as you mentioned, it just seems so much. There is a lot of thought about the colour scheme and for me there is a huge difference with how i think it should come out and how it actually comes out in the end. usually I just hide the colouring book beneath the earth so I am not reminded of how badly I messed it up. Who knows might try it again some day.

    Liked by 1 person

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