What Kind of (Reading) Superhero Are You?

Do you ever get the feeling that you relate to a certain superhero? Well, probably not, but I’m here to tell you which superhero you read most like anyway! Are you green and mean? Or are you a spider fighter? Read on, dear friend, and I will tell you!

the hulk

You usually start off reading books as quite a timid reader. Then, suddenly, the author turns into a little murderous bitch and starts killing off the characters. You become frustrated, you rage and then you turn green and start wrecking buildings scream and throw the book out of the window. This happens with most books because authors tend to get homicidal urges.


You’re a geek, and love to read non-fiction, or informative books. You’re one of those people who reads 50 books about a certain topic before taking on a project. You accidentally came into the world of reading, after being bit by a radioactive bookworm introduced to a fantastic book that to this very day, still has a special space on your bookshelf and in your heart. You’re a little snarky, and your reviews tend be on the sarcastic side but they’re side splittingly hilarious!

iron man

The analyser. When you read, you analyse each and every tiny aspect of the book, picking out flaws and writing nuances. You take notes and use these notes to improve your own writing skills. You are methodical, and if you are a book blogger, your reviews are always meticulous and extremely well-written.


Strong and unbending in your opinions, you prefer things with a little more action in them, but you’re also a softie at heart, and secretly enjoy the soppy romance now and then. Your hammer bookmark is your greatest weapon.


Slightly antisocial, you tend to read on your own. You suffer silently during the tense moments and don’t talk to other people about what you’re reading. A little bit of an introvert, nobody really knows very much about your reading habits.


You’ve never understood how people can stay stuck on a book for more than an hour after they’ve read it. You have the seemingly impossible ability of being affected by major plot twists and character deaths for only a short amount of time then you heal and get over the book, having already picked up a different one.

So which superhero are you most like? Personally, I’d like to say I’m Deadpool, because he’s cool and all that, but that’d probably be a huge lie. So I have to settle with the Hulk. Don’t forget to drop me a comment below telling me which hero you read like.

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50 thoughts on “What Kind of (Reading) Superhero Are You?

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  2. I am definitely Thor because that is so how i read and I adore my bookmarks. Now I really want a Thors hammer bookmarm. I think Im a little bit of Deadpool? Only because I often dont seem to be ‘hit as hard’ by the feels in books. While other goodreads updates are ‘curled up in a ball right now, that character was LIFE!!!’ My status is ‘damn it why do all the charcters i like die?’ Not that there is anything wrong with either.

    This was an awesome post by the way!! Thank you.

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    1. In answer to your question of: “Why do all the characters I like die?” I would like to reiterate: “because authors are MURDEROUS LITTLE BITCHES WHO WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO DESTROY YOUR LIFE AND LEAVE YOU CURLED UP IN A BALL CRYING ON THE FLOO-


      I guess we’re opposites, coz I’m DEFINITELY Hulk XD


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      1. LMAO I was actully pointing out that I just briefly ponder the question while others do end up curled in a ball. Thats why Im dead pool like, I don’t get emotionally attached in an outwardly way – just on the inside. But I loved your comment.

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  3. Cait @ Paper Fury

    AHH THIS IS SO AWESOME!! Okay, I think I’m Deadpool?!?? Like I would like to think I’m Iron Man because I’m really critical and analysing, buuuut…I move on from books SO FAST. I devour a ton of them and prefer funny ones. xD SO DEADPOOL. (Omg I want to see that movie so bad.)

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      You have heaps of posts like: “10 books that _____”

      And then you list ten books. Meanwhile, I’m sitting there like: “I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast this morning HOW DO YOU REMEMBER ALL THE THEMES AND CHARACTERS ETC OF THESE BOOKS??”



  4. Alex

    I’m more like Deadpool because I tend to forget what I have read very fast 😛 One of the problems of being a fast reader! Maybe I should also include Batman because my friends know I read a lot but they don’t know what I’m reading?
    *looks at that fabulous picture of Saitama* I really have to watch or read One Punch Man soon! I wanted to ask this before: Who is that in the last image?

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    1. YES. People tend to assume that I remember what I read ages ago, and then, a year later when they get round to reading a book that I recommended to them, they finish it and talk to me all about it and meanwhile, I’m standing there like: “wut”. I COMPLETELY FORGET BOOKS (unless they’re sooper dooper good) after about a month or so. Good think I’ve got the blog and the reviews to keep track of what I’ve read XD

      You really should watch/read One Punch Man! It’s so incredibly good. Here, let me link you up. I’m reading it through Mangafox and watching it through Moetube, which offers the most HD I’ve seen on the internet so far.

      And about that last image, which I’ve decided to make my logo from now on, I have no idea who it is. I just searched “Chibi Transparent” or something XD IT LOOKS CUTE THOUGH AND THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS.


  5. This is such a fun post! I’m probably closest to Iron Man – I’m very critical and analytical when it comes to books so that description fits me pretty well. Thanks for sharing this, and, as always, fabulous post!

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  6. I knew this post was gonna be blessed as soon as I saw Saitama in it.
    Honestly, I have traits of all these characters… I think? Does this mean I’m a universe? XD
    I’M LOVING THE DESIGN ❤ Are you always going to put manga characters on?

    Liked by 1 person


      I think so, I wanted a kinda conclusive theme that tied all my images together while still allowing me the most freedom possible. I’m not going to do characters for reviews (as you’ll see soon enough when I post the much delayed review of Glass Sword) but for most Let’s Talks, Features, Tags, and non-review posts in general, I will.

      I actually wanted to make this manga themed (like, “Saitama: You’re a casual reader but __________…) but then realised that most of the characters would completely go over the reader’s head XD

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  7. First off absolutely love the post. I never thought about it like this before. Sometimes I have felt like the hulk but in all truth I think I am batman. But i like to think I can be deadpool too. I definitely need to reblog this…..

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      1. I Know what you mean about the authors, they drive me crazy that way. and Yes I have seen Deadpool, it was super awesome. Its the first movie I have seen in a while where I walked out of the Cinema smiling from ear to ear. I think the people sitting in front of me wanted to hurt me for laughing a little too loud.

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  8. hopelessbookaddict

    This was so cool! I would have to say I’m a mix between Deapool and Batman – very introverted in what I read (I don’t talk about it much with my family), and I’m not very prone to book hangovers/slumps.
    I love this, though. Super interesting post 😀

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