Feature: The 11 Stages of [Book] Grief

stages of book grief

1. Denial


2. Acceptance


3. Crying


4. More crying


5. More crying.


6. Anger at the author

Still don’t understand how this guy hasn’t gotten an Oscar yet

7. Did I say crying yet?


8. Spreading despair on Twitter


9. Pretending everything is alright and reviewing the book


10. Last bit of crying


11. Fall into a horrendous book slump and never be the same again


Let’s talk: How much do you cry when reading through a character death?


18 thoughts on “Feature: The 11 Stages of [Book] Grief

  1. LOL!! Brilliant! And they shuold give Leo the Oscar already!! HE DESERVES IT!
    I don’t cry easily when reading so when I do it’s a damn good book. But even when I cry it’s not this much. LOL! It’s more like I cry, then stare at the wall for way too long to be considered normal then later on that day I’ll be spontaneously reminded of the tragedy and tear up some more. Very intertaining post!

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  2. I never cry. I rage. I UBER RAGE AND RANT. Just ask Faith 😀 There have been times where I basically trashed a book at max volume to her…in a more or less silent classroom. I regret none of my rants though XD
    And your gif choices are on point ❤ 🙂

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