SidePost: I have an Instagram!

You’ll notice that I am very very slowly branching out into other social media platforms. First, I started only with WordPress. Total anti-social carrot who didn’t even really comment that much. Then, when I joined Twitter about a month ago (come chat with me and flail about books that turn me into a gloopy pile of mush, peoples), I realised that what the hell am I doing WHY AREN’T I CHATTING WITH PEOPLE MORE. So then came Instagram. Instagram happened about two weeks ago, and I currently have three posts (I swear I’ll post more soon). If you want to visit me, then hit me up on @TheGalaxialWord. Looking forward to meeting more of you.

Do you have Instagram? Drop me a comment on one of my posts and let’s talk!


13 thoughts on “SidePost: I have an Instagram!

    1. Out of all the social platforms, I feel like Instagram is the hardest to maintain, mainly because of the cheer effort that goes into each effort but I dunno it might just be a matter of personal preference. Writing a blogpost takes a mammoth amount of time and effort too, I guess.


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