Let’s Talk: What Book Blogging Does To You


The title of this post wasn’t meant to be totally macabre and creepy, it just turned out that way. Don’t let it put you off.

So. In fitting with the theme of me celebrating my six month blogversary tomorrow, I thought I would do a reflective post. No, not one where I sit down with candles and light incense sticks and then hum creepily and inadvertently summon Satan and he comes and destroys the world (although that would be cool too). One where I just type and word vomit whatever’s in my head onto the blog. You’re going to be the victim privileged reader.

I can’t believe it’s been six months. At this point, I’m meant to say that it feels like it’s been only one month, and the time has completely flew by, blah blah, but that could not be further from the truth. Rather, it feels like the past six months have been 3 years in terms of blogging. When I first started, it was just a hobby sort of thing. Read the book, post the review. Read the book, post the review. And then more people started reading. And then I realised “Sh!t people are actually reading what I’m saying. Better put some more thought into it”. And so “a little bit of blogging” grew into “OMG I NEED TO BLOG ABOUT THIS BOOK AND TELL THE WORLD MY OPINION BECAUSE MY HEAD IS GOING TO EXPLODE IF I DON’T GET IT DOWN AND BLURT IT TO WHICHEVER POOR SOUL IS CURRENTLY ON THE BLOG”. And now, it just feels like an integral part of life. Like, I can’t imagine reading a book and NOT reviewing it. Feels weird.

And so with the blog rapidly becoming part of daily life, I never stopped to think about how the blog was changing me, my reading, and my relationships with the people around me. So here’s the post doing that. In list format for easy reading.

1. I’m reading a lot more.

DUH. Now that I have an actual pressing reason to read (OMG I NEED TO BLOG TODAY I HAVEN’T BLOGGED IN LIKE THREE TRILLION YEARS MY READERS ARE GOING TO DESERT ME FOREEVVVERR), I find myself reading a lot more. Not that I didn’t read 23 hours a day before the blog. But now I can add an extra hour on top of that.

2. I have a whole new set of friends.

Aww! One of the best things about blogging is meeting new people. And blogging has given me a whole new set of friends to chat and laugh with, over Twitter, and over the blog. IT’S AMAZING. *sends squishy panda hugs*

3. I have 3 social platforms.

So before, I was kinda like: “Wait. What’s a ‘social life’. Haha…hah..aha..a…” I WAS A TOTAL ANTISOCIAL CARROT. Now, it’s all changed because I’m with other anti-social carrots. And I have THREE social platforms. WordPress, Twitter and I just started an Instagram! WHAT IS THIS WHEN DID I GET SO SOCIALLL.

4. I’m part of a whole community.

I still remember an activity I did in school when I was in Grade 4, an activity called “What makes a community”. And we came up with answers like: “Belonging” and “Common theme” and “Happy”. It’s always nice to be a part of a different community, and the blogging community is always so kind and nice and amazing people.

5. I go to book events.

I never ever used to go to book events. Ever. After the blog, this year I went to the Centre For Youth Literature’s 2016: The Year Ahead in Youth Literature event, and the Inky Awards 2015. THEY WERE GREAT. Authors are amazing. Publishing companies are amazing. Books are amazing. I think that I went to these events and suddenly realised that oh my God. I’m a book blogger. What is this. Which brings me to my next point.

6. I can call myself a “book reviewer” now.

I went to an event the other day near me, and there was an author there selling her books, signing them, etc. And I went up and introduced myself, and told her that I run a book blog, and bought one of her books. And it really brought home to me that I am now a book reviewer. A book blogger. That’s how a lot of people know me now. I HAVE A NEW IDENTITY!

7. I have a whole set of different people to look up to now.

I used to look up to celebrities, like movie stars (Jennifer Lawrence, etc) and singers, etc. I still do, but now I have a whole new scope of people to flail around about. Book bloggers! And being in awe of book bloggers is a lot better than being in awe of celebrities, because book bloggers are an amazing brand of people who respond to your comments and talk to you.

So there we go. My satanic ritual reflection. How has book blogging changed you? Let me know in the comments below.


7 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: What Book Blogging Does To You

  1. I enjoyed your post. I didn’t catch ALL the words in your final sentence before starting to write this, but there you are. I hadn’t noticed the word ‘book.’ I thought you asked how has blogging changed you? Well, here I go, anyway. I retired from a career that included journalism in the year 2000. In 2010, a friend said that we ought to start a blog on diet and exercise as we had both had weight problems out whole lives. At the time I had gotten myself down to 165 pounds and considered myself a winner at the game, having been as high as 225 pounds at my worst. We started the blog and as I warmed up to the subject of weight loss, I started reading about various aspects of it. My journalistic career had been financial and I really knew markets and economics, but little about good health. Besides reading, I took some courses in nutrition and anatomy and how it all works together. Several months later I found myself down to the 150 pound range. I was sure I had cancer as this was an unexplained weight loss. My doctor assured me I was fine. I turned out that my learning about good health had turned into actions and I had simply melted away the extra pounds I was carrying. Remember Yoda’s words, “Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.” Well, I had lived them. I had quit trying to lose weight and just wanted to learn about it so I could write it up for the blog. Voila, I was doing it. Now, nearly six years down the road, I am still in the 150 pound range and understand clearly how to maintain my weight by living a healthy life. So, blogging has changed my life in that I now (at 75) healthier than I have ever been. I have a new world of friends, literally world, as I have readers in around 200 countries. I have also refocused the blog to good health rather than just weight loss. Aren’t you glad you asked?

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    1. Wow, I’m really glad I asked! It’s so powerful to see what a blog can do to someone. I think of my blog as mainly a hobby, something that while it can change me and my reading habits a little bit, it will never change me as a person. It’s great to hear about your story, and it’s also great to hear about the power a blog can have upon your body and your life. Congratulation on losing all that weight, and on turning over a new leaf for a healthy lifestyle!

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  3. I actually read less. Since I read books at light speed (literally… well almost literally), since I’ve started reviewing them, and thinking about what went well/what didn’t, I’ve been a lot slower. I’ve also gotten a lot pickier… I now have to choose what’s worth reviewing 😥 😀
    Also, I feel I can pick out flaws in stories now… without other reviewers pointing it out.
    Side effect of writing so much: my English has gotten better 😛
    I totally agree with you about this wonderful community though ❤ 🙂

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    1. Actually, that’s a really good point. I never thought about the fact that you might read slower because you need to pick up more, but now that I do it makes perfect sense! And yes totally I am so picky now XD And yes, your reviews do come a little easier the more you blog 🙂

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