Feature: Things to Gift to a Book Lover (Part 2)

Hey guys! We’re back with PART 2 of the “Things to Gift to a Book Lover” series. If you liked this post, don’t forget to leave a comment, like, and follow, or enter your email in the sidebar just to your right there. Oh, and just so you’re not too lost, Part 1 is here!

Number 6: For the weird candle person…

Are you the type of person who has a weird addiction with candles? Or do you know a person who burns very sweet, strong scented candles all day long that give you headaches? If you want to take your candle obsession to the next level so it can match the level of your book obsession, then these book scented candles are a definite must have. Or even if you just want to have a book scented candle for the hell of it, they’re still a definite must have. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by the sweet, musty and cosy smell of books all day? These gorgeous candles come in four different scents – old books, bookstore, book cellar and Oxford Library. These four scents are probably what heaven smells like. You have to admit, everyone loves the smell of books. Apparently, Oxford Library has “a refreshing blend of woodsy and earthy tones,” and book cellar smells like “dirt, basement”. I wouldn’t be able to verify as they are only descriptions and I haven’t smelled them myself. I would be interested to see if they smelled as good as they sound (I personally love “notes of dirt” and “basement”). I would probably just buy these candles out of curiosity (I mean, does it really smell like books?)


Get it here!


Number 7: For the lazy person…

Have you ever been stuck in that situation when you’re trying to read in bed but you can never get comfortable? When you’re not sure where to hold the book or where to rest your head? This Christmas, you can finally read easy with “Bed Prism Glasses”. Finally, there is a mechanism that lets you lay your head flat on your pillow but still be able to read your entire book. All those years of bending and squishy pillows to try and get back support are over. These glasses use a series of mirrors to project a high quality image of your book, while you lay in whatever position you find comfortable. If you think you’re the type of person who can’t be bothered changing reading position every minute, these glasses are definitely for you. Or if you’re the type of person who is lazy and only reads lying down, these are also definitely for you. I’m pretty sure every type of person would want these.  Make sure to add them to your list!


You neeeeeed it and you can get it here!


Number 8: For the perfume addict…

Are you the type of person, who whenever they stroll through the perfume sections of department stores, sprays each different scent on their wrist and those paper testers, but never pays for a whole bottle? Maybe it’s just me who “occasionally” does this… But even if it is just me, there are probably people who are addicted in crazier ways, so this gift is for you! The first option isn’t technically perfume, and it is a little daggy, but still fun! It’s called “New Book Smell in a can”. It captures that perfect scent of a new book, but apparently may also lead to dizziness because of the high levels of glue. It is also available in a few other scents, which include “Classic Musty Scent” and “Crunchy Bacon”. Mmm… Delicious. If you want a classier scent, you should go with book and paper scented perfumes by Commodity. There are four options available: Book and Paper for Men, as well as Book and Paper for Women. Each scent comes in a beautiful 100ml bottle that should last you two years if you spray twice each day (be grateful I figured this out for you, the maths took my a very long time!). I seriously want “Book for Men”. It sounds amazing. Listen to this description I found on the website.

With its many unexpected twists and pleasantries, Book is an exciting mixture of Spicy Cucumber and Torchwood that tips its hat to the fellow Hemingway’s and Fitzgerald’s of the world.

Top notes – Cucumber, eucalyptus, bergamot

Mid notes – Lavender, amyris, amber

Base notes – Sandalwood, Haitian vetiver, balsa, guaiac

I don’t even know what half of those things are, but it sure sounds good to me. Make sure not to miss out on a book scent this Christmas, and maybe even try that Crunchy Bacon in a can…


Crunchy Bacon!

Super classy book perfume!

Number 9: For the relaxer…

This is probably the most luxurious item on the list, and is sure to transport you to book heaven. Are you the type of person who loves to relax, because this “Nap Massaging Bed Rest” is probably the most relaxing way to read a book. The bed rest will comfortably sit itself on the back of your bed and position your back at a comfortable reading angle. You can rest your arms on the armrest, while sipping coffee from the cup holder. It has pockets on its side for you to store whatever you’re reading, and has a light attached to it so you won’t hurt your eyes trying to read. And the best thing about it is that it has a back massager built into it!! This is absolute reading heaven. Every book will read better on this bed rest. Even if you know you will never get it, please put it on your wish list. After all, we can all have dreams!


Do you have some money spare? Well you can buy it here!

Number 10: For the gadget guy…

Are you the type of person who gets every new Apple product the second it comes out? Are you the type of person whose greatest pride is being a tech head? Although this item is the most expensive item on the list, it’s probably the greatest. The “Point and Click Dictionary” is every readers dream item. No longer do you have to be a prehistoric dinosaur who reads through a dictionary to find that hard word. I know, whoever still uses a dictionary is probably over 90. Say goodbye to the stress of trying to understand what a sentence means because you don’t understand that word. The “Point and Click Dictionary” is a modern form of a dictionary, and an amazing, pocket-sized gadget. It’s camera scans any word you struggle with and immediately shows the definition, as well as pronunciation and translation in case you ever have to say the word in Spanish. Even though I’m not a tech head, I desperately want this. If this isn’t on your list, you probably already know every word and its meaning.


Available here!

That’s it for the list! Be sure to remember, while we may be writing lists of all the goodies we want, there will be people on the other side of the world who can only dream of having what we already have. While you go around hunting for the right gift, think of the people in need, and try to donate your time and money, even if it’s not a lot, to someone who does really needs it 😊. After all, Christmas is the season of giving and love after all! I hope the list inspired you and gave you some great ideas for what to gift to a book lover!



8 thoughts on “Feature: Things to Gift to a Book Lover (Part 2)

      1. but its like number 1…..today i was stumped at a word and didn’t feel like getting up, it is an absolute must have I think if you are a serious reader.
        p.s. posted it on my fb wall and tagged my hubby….hopefully he will get the hint


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