Feature: Things to Gift to a Book Lover (Part 1)

Christmas time is almost here, so you should start getting excited. But if you’re not Christian you can still get excited because of New Year! Or maybe you still celebrate Christmas? Maybe you’re atheist… Maybe you are Jedi? After all it is a registered religion in England. But anyway, you are all probably going to be involved in gift exchanging over the next few months. This is a list of ten things to put on your (Christmas) wish list. Please be sure to put these on your list because GO COMMERCIAL CHRISTMAS!!


Number 1: For the eBook reader…

Are you the type of person who loves reading eBooks but is scared of how other “traditional” book readers will judge you? Well, you can finally relax. This kindle case is made in the finest Italian leather (or maybe its Norwegian… I can never tell) to replicate a gorgeous vintage book cover. It transforms your kindle into a classic “traditional” book so you don’t have to worry about being the only person on the tram reading from a kindle. This is a great option for someone seeking a little bit of luxury in his or her life. It’s a Christmas must have!


Find it here!

Number 2: For the collector…

Are you the type of person who loves collecting special edition Monopoly’s and also loves to read? Well I know exactly what should be going on you’re Christmas list. “Bookopoly” is a game very similar to Monopoly (technically it isn’t special edition or Monopoly, but you should still get it) but instead of buying and selling famous places, buy and trade classic novels! This would be a great game to play with your friends and family over the Christmas holidays and will leave much discussion over which novels should be in the dark blue set (you know the one I mean…) Yes, it is a bit daggy, but definitely sure to bring the whole family together, and if you’re lucky someone will throw the board to the floor in rage. You know the type of person I’m talking about – if you don’t, you’ve never played competitive Monopoly. A sin almost as big as not reading.


Find it here!

Number 3: For the book buyer…

For me, there are two types of readers. People who buy every book they read and people who borrow every book they read. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who does both. My family is definitely a book buying family. Seriously, I’ve probably only read three books from the library. This gift is for the people who have their own libraries in their own houses. Everyone knows that book borrowers will probably at some stage take advantage over book buyers buy “borrowing” their best, limited edition, signed books and never giving them back. Everyone at some stage in their life will loose a book by “lending” it to their friend. So for the book buyer who wants to one up the book borrower, this gift is a definite for your Christmas wish list. The “Personal Library Kit” is a great way to turn your endless shelves of books into a fully functioning library. This handy little kit will make sure no one “accidentally” borrows your books for good.


Get it here!

Number 4: For the marker…

Are you the type of person who folds over corners of books, and highlights and underlines and scribbles notes and spits and rubs snot and vomits on your books. If you are, then this gift is perfect for you. This elegant stamp/presser thingy is the perfect way to elegantly mark your books. You will no longer need to identify your books by that brown poo particle on page 67. This will make sure you never lose a book again. It works by stamping a personalized seal onto the corners of your books. I can definitely say that it will be the nicest mark anyone ever leaves on a book.


Get it here!

Number 5: For the chocolate lover…

Do you love chocolate so much that you’d eat it even if it were covered in poo? If you do then you probably need to be checked into a mental asylum before you’re rushed to hospital with faeces in your stomach. If you love chocolate on a slightly less crazy level, then this gift is perfect for you! This gourmet chocolate is the best new fad since Hunger Games. Or was it Divergent? Or maybe it’s Maze Runner? Anyway, it’s the best new fad! You’d be crazy not to get it. Even the wrapping evokes senses of deep serendipity. Be sure to fulfil your wildest chocolate dreams this Christmas by buying this perfect book style chocolate. If this isn’t straight on your list, you’re probably lactose intolerant.


Find it here!

Well! Do you have any other recommendations that should be on Part 2? Share them with us in the comments below!


22 thoughts on “Feature: Things to Gift to a Book Lover (Part 1)

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  2. This is a disaster! Because I want almost all of the things that you’ve posted there but then I remember there’s no Amazon in my country and even if I could order it from other Amazon, Lord only knows when the stuff will arrive (or if it will arrive in one piece). 😪


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  4. Cait @ Paper Fury

    WAIT. IS THAT BOOK MADE OUT OF CHOCOLATE????? BECAUSE I NEED IT IN MY LIFE IMMEDIATELY. *starts compiling Xmas wishlist of just chocolate books*
    I kind of love that stamp but I probably wouldn’t be able to use it! >_< XD I'm notorious about keeping my books in like exactly the condition I got them in. I almost like buying 2nd hand books and just librarying books because it takes the effort off keeping them nice, hehehh. *ahem*
    I just need new bookshelves basically. xD WITH LADDERS. I NEED THE BEAST’S LIBRARY.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree, I only trust my closest friends with my books – and even then, only if they’ve got like 100% good past record of book borrowing from me! The stamp thing is cool coz it’s so subtle, yet still makes a mark clear enough to see AND IT’S GOT YOUR NAME ON IT! SO POSH. PAH.


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