SidePost: I’m taking a short hiatus!

As many of you guys will know, we have reached the worst time of the year… exam time *DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN*

No but seriously, exams are a huge drain, especially with all the studying and I absolutely need to pass these exam


Of course, upholding a blog takes heaps of time, and is already a strain even not in exam season, and so, after days of pondering, strolling back and forth and stress-binge-watching Miranda Sings on Youtube, I have decided that I need to take a break from the blog to completely commit myself to exams. I probably will not be posting much, as I won’t get much time to read (I know, I am so so sorry YOU MUST FEEL BETRAYED), but I have a book discussion just so I don’t completely vanish. Also, I will also be posting on the 12th of November, for the Dangerous Lies Book Tour (whoop whoop!! Can’t wait), and on that day, I will also have wallpapers and special graphics you can download for your computer, to make up for the lack of posting! I’ve been procrastinating like crazy over the last few days with blog graphics, design, theme, etc, and I really need to START STUDYING.


Thanks for your continued support everyone! Hopefully, I will see you on the other end in one piece (although we never know) on the 14th ☺️ I’ll have something special planned for that day, too, to celebrate my return from the mighty struggle of exams! I am so sad that I have to leave the blog for a bit


But never fear! I will be back! Anyway, bye for now and for a while. (Although who knows, I might spend all my time procrastinating and writing blog posts instead of studying as I should 😕)



16 thoughts on “SidePost: I’m taking a short hiatus!

  1. Good luck on your exam and I can totally understand why you need to take a hiatus. I’m actually writing my thesis and its deadline is on 16 November and I will have to defend it on 19 November. And although I told myself I was going on a hiatus with my blog while I’m doing my thesis, apparently I didn’t succeed in doing that (but, seriously, don’t follow what I did!). Focus on your study and exam first! Cheers!

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  2. Exams are definitely important- I support your decision to put your focus on that. A haitus is beneficial when busy. I’ll be here when you get back ^.^ good luck with your exams! Kick their butt!

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