Let’s Talk: How to Beat Blogger’s Procrastination

I used to think that blogging would be easy. That I could just slap down a few words, post it, then BAM get famous. Ahahaha… I was so naïve.

Blogging is a lot harder than you think. Sometimes, it can be hard to think of things to post, and other times, it can be hard to write reviews for books. It especially doesn’t help if the book was mediocre and you don’t really have an opinion on it apart from “Meh. It was ok.” I once found myself putting NINE HOURS INTO THE BLOG GRAPHICS INSTEAD OF WRITING THE BLOG POST OMG *tears out hair*. Anyway, blogging procrastination can be a huge problem for us bloggers, and although there are heaps of articles out there about how not to procrastinate, I’ve written the blogger’s version. Complete with graphics that I definitely didn’t spend ages making.


1. Every week, write down the name of a book, or an article idea onto a reminder list or so. Rank them in terms of priority. If you have not completed a certain review, or the post, by the end of that week, move it to the highest priority and GET IT DONE THAT WEEK


2. The two minute rule: If you can do it in 2 minutes or less – like replying to that publisher about their media release – then do it first. It’ll give you a sense of achievement, which will motivate you to do the bigger stuff. Plus, it’s pretty easy.


3. Break the post down. If it’s a review, then break the book down into plot, character, ending, etc. If it’s an opinion piece like this, then break the piece down into dot points. Basically, you’ll be left with a list of dot points. Then, work on each small piece separately – expanding and adding more detail- and reward yourself when you finish each one (to the fridge!)


4. Text all your friends, telling them that you’re going to write a new post. That way, you can’t back out without making a fool of yourself. Peer pressure – but in a good way!


5. Turn off your phone. Surely you can survive without Facebook or Twitter for an hour or so! (But only do this after you’ve texted all your friends: See point 4)


6. Put on some motivational music that will get the creative juices flowing- but nothing that will get you too hyped up, and unable to work.


7. Write more than you need to. When you’re feeling creative or motivational, then write heaps of articles but resist the temptation to post them. Instead, keep them in a folder, and then when you’re feeling not so motivated, you can whip them out and post them instead (I actually do this all the time. It leaves me a lot more time to fiddle with the graphics and aesthetics of the blog)


8. Last resort – close your computer and take out a piece of paper. Get everything down. Type it up. Post. (Takes twice the time, however, coz you gotta write and type, but is a waterproof way to stop you from procrastinating. Especially if you follow point 5 too!)

Do you guys have any methods that you use to stop blogging procrastination? SPILL THE BEANS in the comment sections below otherwise my GRIFFIN WILL EAT YOU.


25 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: How to Beat Blogger’s Procrastination

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  2. I actually try to give a publisher or author a specific date (or range of dates) that I’ll be posting their review in. So if I say “one or two days before the book’s release”, that means I have a set deadline in which I MUST get this review done!

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  3. oldmurkyheart2

    Hah those graphics are cool! I am in an odd phase for the past month I’ve been blogging obsessively.

    Now I wont … so I guess I will keep saving those ideas for a rainy day.

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  4. Candy

    Thank you for this inspiration, I’m really feeling like I can get some great things out now instead of whatever blog barf that has been festering in my head lately!

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    1. Ahahaha I’ve been feeling like that lately too, where I just go BELEUGUH and word vomit all over my computer, then post it. Don’t undermine the quality of blog barfs though! They might even be better than a planned post 😀 I’m glad you liked the post 😝

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  5. Great tips! I always tell a friend when I’m working on a review and switch off my Facebook alerts and twitter alerts. I know I’m easily distracted and it does help to remain focused on what you’re doing. And music…the amount of times I’ve listened to the same band over and over again while writing is ridiculous but it helps! 😀

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    1. Aaahhah don’t thank me now… Eventually this blog will take up so much of your time that it will become your procrastination AND YOU’LL SPEND HOURS WORKING ON THE BLOG GRAPHICS RATHER THAN STUDYING FOR YOUR EXAMS *thinks back darkly* But I’m glad you enjoyed it 😊

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