Feature: October Wrap Up

Thanks to everyone for such a great time last month. Last month has been the biggest ride – in terms of blogging – for me. I started gets heaps of physical review copies, I think I finally discovered what my identity as a blogger was, and I started to spread into the Twitter community, I decided to liberate my blog and wrote a whole bunch more opinion pieces, and my views shot through the roof. And then, to top it all off, just this morning, I decided to go for a change and swapped my theme to something a little more minimalistic. Phew! Let’s talk more.

I think this month has been the most significant month for me as a blogger. My followers increased by heaps, and I started to build up a loyal community (I love you guys!!). Before the end of September, I was only posting reviews, and no opinion pieces at all. However, it soon got really constricting, only being able to post book reviews. I posted less, because it takes more time to read a book than to write a post. I quickly got bored of it, and so my first non-review post was at the end of September. Following that, there was a blitz of opinion posts, and during October, I found the right balance between opinion posts and reviews. It’s been incredibly fun and I’d like to thank all you guys for your support


Just a few days ago, I finally decided to start using the Twitter account I made for The Galaxial Word ages ago. But since I started so late, I only have 5 followers 😭. You know, it would be great to get a few more followers… *hinthint* (You can follow me here ☺️)

Anyway, on to more exciting news, and even though this didn’t exactly happen in October, it happened today and today is the first of November and that’s close enough to basically be in October so I’m including it (#Logic). If you’re reading this post on my website, you’ll notice that I CHANGED MY THEME! I went from a super colourful and fun theme to a more subtle but still pretty theme. Tell me what you think of it in the comments section below! I’m still working everything out so if you see anything odd over the next few days, just ignore it. I’ll do my best to update and keep everything up for you 😀

Anyway, I think that’s most of October wrapped up 😽 You can view the reviews and posts of October here! See you next time!


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