Feature: Corrupt Colouring Books

I’m introducing a new feature today… Features! These are less of discussion posts – those will be under “Let’s Talk” – but instead, they feature something. Usually a list, or so. Today, in keeping with the Halloween theme, I found some pretty cool – if slightly risqué – images from Reddit user CrayonsForBrains 😄 Basically, he’s taken images from colouring books for kids and added a few features and coloured them in to make them more… adult. You’ll see.

01 - TbSEdJ7 02 - zdSdfyQ

03 - eEAmO8d 04 - xTDMJBh 05 - gx8Rkia 06 - tBNkyId 07 - gV9XXio 08 - AXLn4pP 09 - liSIOvx 10 - azkoEY2

That’s it folks! I might upload some more tomorrow, but in the meantime, you can check out some more by yourself by clicking the link up the top. Wishing everybody a great Halloween! Have fun, and here’s hoping you get heaps of lollies 😋


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