Let’s Talk: Book Peeves Part Three


Alrighty guys! Welcome to the final installment of the the “Book Peeves’ post series. Click to view Part 1 and Part 2.

15. When it’s a hardcover and there is no blurb on the back.

No matter what, the first thing I will ever do when I pick up a book is turn it around to see the blurb. And if the only thing I see is “Electric” and “A great book”, then I get super annoyed. Because that means I need to turn back the inside of the first page. And that’s effort. And it’s also something that I don’t expect to do, therefore, don’t want to do.

16. When a hardcover book has a paper cover.

I guess that all hardcover books have to have this, but I really really hate the little paper thingy on the outside of hardcover books. I generally tend to take it off and leave it lying around somewhere while I read the book, and then put it back on when I’ve finished. That is, if I can still find it. I mean, DECISIONS DECISIONS do I safeguard it, throw it out, take it off, keep it on, use it as a bookmark or what?? It’s actually one of the reasons I don’t tend to buy hardcovers.

17. When a movie edition is released.

One of the major book peeves I have. I mean, sure it’s great that the book is being made into a movie. But is there really any need to use the movie cover as the book cover with “NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE” plastered all over it? Especially if the characters look nothing like you imagined they would when you were reading it. Or if the movie cover is ugly.

18. When a foreign phrase is used without translation.

This doesn’t happen often, but I see it in about one in every fifty books which is one too many. Please. I do not know French. Or Indonesian. Or Mullukmulluk. Please translate. Somehow. I don’t care if you put it in Italics next to the phrase but I NEED TO KNOW.

19. When there’s an explanation of jargon at the start of the book.

Books that about sailing, especially, or books that are just specifically focused on a hobby tend to have these explanations. It’s usually two page “glossary” at the front of the book explaining the sailing-related jargon you’re going to encounter during the book. I might be one of a few, but I never ever read these. I don’t know why. I just find them boring, I guess. I mean, who wants to read a glossary when you can be reading a fantasy novel?

20. Covers that don’t relate.

Yes, covers that feature a young woman looking seductively into the camera. Those. Covers that do not relate to the book – also abstract covers – are really annoying, because I don’t care if the author thought that picture of falling leaves was cool, it doesn’t relate to the book, so get it out.

21. When the cover bends a bit outward.

When you read a book, close it, put it down, and the COVER PAGE BENDS A BIT OUTWARD. No further explanation needed.

That’s it folks. The last of my Book Peeves series. Tell me what you though of the series below! Until next time!


11 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Book Peeves Part Three

    1. I agree! They can be really pretty but they’re just sooooooo annoying. I’m reading The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness at the moment – watch out for the review – and the paper jacket is just so pretty but annoying. I took it off and put it on top of my fridge. Somebody is going to have to remind me where it is :\ I don’t like reading the glossary up front coz it’s different from what I’m used to. But just coz you do doesn’t mean you’re a nerd!


  1. I love book jackets (those paper things outside the hardback books), because they protect my book and make it look pretty on the shelf. I also love when you take the jacket off to read the book, and the actual book cover is just as gorgeous as the jacket art. It’s a surprise present!

    The only movie cover of a book I’ve ever purchased was one of the Two Towers mass market paperbacks, because it had Legolas on it and I had a teenage girl crush on him ;). Otherwise, no, I agree that they’re awful!


    1. I don’t think the dust jackets are meant to protect your book. I mean, there’s a cardboard backing underneath it that will probably give more protection than the flimsy piece of paper. I totally agree though, I love when the under-cardboard book is just as pretty! I’m reading The Rest of Us Just Live Here – watch out for a review soon – , and there’s a really pretty embossed quote saying: “Not everyone has to be the chosen one” with a polar bear or something. It’s so pretty!


      1. The cheap ones on books these days aren’t good for protections, but that was one of the original purposes. You still see the thicker ones on library books, wrapped in plastic, to keep the book itself protected.

        Ooooh, that sounds awesome! I tried googling it so I could see what you’re talking about, but couldn’t find a picture. It’s such a nice treat to find a bit of art under the jacket 😀


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