Let’s Talk: Book Peeves Part Two


Alrighty, after a lot little bit of procrastination, I am finally starting my Book Peeves Part 2 post! Let’s get straight in, because the weather is hot, and hot weather makes me really tired 😓

8. Marking books 

Every time the teacher says “pull out your highlighters” I die a little inside. Every time I see a student go SHABAM and slap a massive line of fluorescent orange ink over a line – or even a while paragraph! – I die a little more. I have never understood why you would purposely mark a book. I never write in any books. Not even my maths textbooks – which leads people to thinking that I’m selling them. I don’t sell books either. If you’ve bought a book, then you have a responsibility to keep it and actually treat it with the respect that it deserves. An author – a human being – has worked on this for, who knows, maybe 10 years, and what you’re holding in your hands is a product of those ten years of hard word. I find it almost sacrilegious when people write, highlight, or mark books in any way. *shudder*

9. Weirdly sized font

 I think a suitable font size is 11 or 12. Anything more, even 13, makes the book seem childish and thicker than necessary. Anything smaller is daunting, and hard to read.

I was sorting through my bookshelves the other day, (to accomodate for newly acquired review copies of books *fistpump*) when I picked up a super thin book that I used to read in my early childhood. It was a chapter book, so I would have been about 6 or 7 when I read it last, but I opened the page and BAM SIZE 44 FONT. It was intimidatingly big font. I’m not talking about that kind of extremely huge font – because books aimed at smaller children have to have bigger font – but books like The Protected had pretty big font and it was annoying. Dunno why. But it was.

And then on the other end of the spectrum, you’ve got the Game of Throne style books with size 9 font, and yet are still bible-length. Too small font, I can’t read it!!! Ugh. Split the book into two books if you have to. I’ll buy both if I like the books.

10. Stickers on Books

Stickers on books don’t annoy me unless they’re had to take off. 98% of stickers on books can easily be taken off smoothly with just a fingernail. But there’s that 2% of books that have “SALE” or “AWARD WINNING” or “HOT” stickers on it that just don’t come off. You pick at them with your fingernail and rip off half of it. Then you get a wet cloth and try to push it off. Then, you’re left with a sticky residue that clings to your skin and just refuses to come off. Please. I don’t care if it’s HOT. Either put an easily removable sticker on it, or don’t put one at all.

11. Heaps of characters

I have trouble keeping up with heaps of characters. That’s probably why I never really got past the first 120 pages of Game of Thrones. So keep your characters to a maximum of 5 and don’t have too many individual plot threads. Otherwise, it just gets confusing. If you really need to have more than 5 characters, don’t name on Anny and the other Annie and the third Anney. I’m not going to remember.

12. Dodgy photoshopped covers

I know that a lot of self-published authors find it hard to get cover-designers for their eBooks, but that doesn’t mean you can slap a stock photo of a girl starting seductively into the camera on a desert background. I mean, not even with the dignity of a shadow on the ground! Please, if you can’t make a good cover, then just slap some text – in a nice font – on a dark non-committal background. It’ll look better than a dodgy photoshopped cover.

13. Pretentious authors

There are some certain authors Gregory Maguire who suffer from what we call “Big Word Syndrome”. They write using really stuffy big words that only 1% of the population will understand. Read my review of After Alice and you’ll see what I mean.

14. Characters whose names are in a different language

It’s for this exact reason that I don’t tend to read a lot of translated books. I read manga, and the only way I can distinguish between Kaneki and Kanaki is because one has pink hair, the other has blue. I don’t know why names in different languages are so hard to remember. It’s probably because we’re accustomed to seeing names in one language, and so we can make mental connections to people we know to help us remember who that character is. But we can’t do that with different languages. Unless you know someone called Kaneki.

Anyway, those are my bookish pet peeves, see you here tomorrow (or the day after, if I’m lazy) for the last seven. Let me know what you think in the comments below.


10 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Book Peeves Part Two

  1. I agree with many of your pet peeves! I haven’t written in a book since I was required to annotate five summer reading books for AP English my junior year. Seriously, five books with annotations were the summer assignments. Then we had to email classmates discussing the books intelligently. It sucks because those were books I would love to read again but I was so busy annotating that I will probably NEVER get back to them or remember what half of them were about.

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  3. Oh pretentious authors, how I loathe thee. Will Self has a special place in Hell because he wrote the one fiction book (Umbrellas) that I was unable to finish. No Will, you don’t need to use paragraphs, or speech marks, or any other kind of grammatical concept that actually HELPS YOUR READERS TO READ!!!! You’re far too clever for that Will. GRRRRRRRRRR

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  4. I marked textbooks in uni, because my books were often in another language and I needed to be able to note translations of difficult words in the margins. But highlighting has always driven me crazy! These days, I stock up on brightly colored post-it flags, and keep them on-hand so I can note my favorite scenes and quotes!

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