Let’s Talk: Book Peeves Part One


Heya guys! Today’s Let’s Talk is going to be part of a three part series based on annoying book peeves. There are going to be seven points in each series, and I look forward to hearing what book peeves you guys have as well! Tell me in the comments below, but for the time being… let’s talk book peeves.

1. Differently sized books in a series.

Ok. Please. Just please. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES CHANGE THE SIZE OF A BOOK MIDWAY IN A SERIES. YOU ARE JEOPARDISING A MAJOR PORTION OF YOUR AUDIENCE WHO ARE NOT WILLING TO BUY YOUR BOOK BECAUSE IT LOOKS MESSY ON OUR BOOKSHELVES. PLEASE. DO NOT DO THIS. EVER. EVER. I mean, why? Why would you change the size of a book in the middle of a series? The design, sure you might not like it, and so you’ll change it, but why the size? Do you want to make the book look thinner? Or do you want to make it easier to hold or something? Because tall books are harder to hold. And so no. Don’t do this. Please, I’m begging you for the sake of my children and my bookshelves.


2. Covers that change in the middle of a series.

In case you don’t know, I really like series to be similar. It’s called a series for a reason, and you should never ever change design in the middle of a series even if it’s really ugly. If worse comes to worse, release all the books first and then release a second run with a different cover. But it just doesn’t look neat on my bookshelf if you change design halfway through your series.

RA cover art 670px-0,1125,0,583-Rangers_Apprentice

I get it. The first cover is hideous. But would it have been so bad to continue through until book 12, and then release a re-run? Ugh.

3. Book Trailers

I’ve never understood book trailers. I mean, I get the idea of having a visual representation of your book, but who watches book trailers anyway? For a movie, it’s great for providing snippets of what you’re in for, but for a book, nup. The actors are annoying, and all they do is destroy your image of what you expected the characters to look like. So book trailers are annoying and I make sure to stick very far away from them.

4. When the author’s name is bigger than the title

Okay, we get that you want recognition for your hard work in writing the book, etcetera, but however important or famous your name is, it’s not more important than the book itself. I want to see the name of the book, not the name of the author. Because it looks like: “Stephen King by Under the Dome”:

under the dome

5. Preachy Authors

Keep your religion out of your books Mitch Albom. We all know that God is fantastic and God does everything for us, but if you really want to keep people reading, don’t preach. Don’t use your book as a method to convert people unless it’s a book specifically about religion. If you really feel the need to talk about your God, thank Him (or maybe Her depending on your religion) in your acknowledgements but don’t preach or try to convert. Oh, and never ever make something happen through convenient divine intervention. “Oh, and suddenly, a voice came from the skies: ‘I am here to save you. Behold the Lord’, and all the guns the enemy had floating up into the mist and vanished. We had won the battle.”

6. Speed Reading

I once learnt to speed read. I stopped after using it for a few days. Speed reading is painful. It takes an amazing amount of effort to actually read. Speed reading requires you to actively read, rather than allow yourself to get lost in the book and live out the adventures of the characters. Sure, speed reading may be good in an exam situation, but anybody who reads enough should already have a fast enough reading speed to not need to actively read. People who learn to speed read for leisure aren’t learning leisure reading. (Does that make sense? Probably not. Whatever)

7. Mysterious substances on library pages

If you borrow something, you should return it in a similar condition to what it looked like. Smearing boogers and blood and spit and bodily fluids and squashed spiders and chocolate cake and tomato sauce over the pages of a book is not returning it in a similar condition to what it looked like when you borrowed it. Please be considerate of others. And of personal hygiene. I mean, come on! Boogers on a book! *shudders*

Anyway, those are my bookish pet peeves, see you here tomorrow for seven more. Let me know what you think in the comments below.


13 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Book Peeves Part One

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  2. Oh my goodness, I 1000000% agree with #4. It drives me crazy, because what it’s saying to me is “You should buy this book because of who the author is, regardless of whether it’s a) a good book, or b) something you’re actually interested in reading”. Why even give the book a title at that point? Just call it “the latest book by Stephen King” and leave it at that?

    This entire post is completely spot-on, well said!


  3. LOL this is hilarious. Did you ever experience touching a book with booger smeared on its pages? XD I don’t want to imagine it! XD

    I agree to what you said although I don’t really mind when there are book trailers. Some are so cool to look at but otherwise, it doesnt really serve any other purposes :/

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