Let’s Talk: People Who Don’t Read


It is shocking that some people (*ahem*96percentofmyschool*ahem*) actually don’t read. I mean, why? I just don’t understand. Reading is a beautiful thing. Just pointing out that every book you’ve ever read is made up of a different rearrangement of 26 shapes. MIND = BLOWN. A book is a portal to a completely different world, and as George RR Martin once said:


These people who don’t read are missing out, majorly. It’s actually shameful that I have to ask people: “do you read”? In a perfect society, books would be all the rage and every single person on this planet would read. But, unfortunately, we don’t live in a utopian society, and so I have to be very much alone in my school in being one of the few people who actually read because they want to.

Sometimes, I feel the pain of my librarian. I mean, 90% of people come into the library to play games on their laptops, and only 5% of the school’s completely population comes into the library at all! She has to actively encourage people to read and I die a little bit inside whenever she recommends some aimed-at-reluctant-readers sports book about a 12 year old guy named Darren who loves to play soccer (ugh).

We all have the ability to read. We read every day, every minute, every second of our waking lives. Signs, notices, letters and texts. You only have to go to a foreign country and lose the ability to read to see just how disorientating it feels. Personally, I would feel so lost without words. Even if I knew exactly where I was, I would still feel lost if I couldn’t read the road signs.

But just because we can read doesn’t mean we do read. Most of us play video games or watch Netflix, of which a lot of the shows stem from books and which all of the shows have screenplays, that are very similar to books.

Anyway, of course people can say: “oh but movies are universal, they’re fun to watch, they’re engaging all the senses” blah blah, but don’t books engage every sense and more? You just need to allow the book to do that. You need to read. If you actually read the book you’ll learn to smell through the pages, taste by the ink, hear with the paper, see into the words and stimulate the biggest “sense” of all – the feeling of being there. The feeling of reality.

And so people who don’t read are missing out. It’s sad. Full stop.


10 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: People Who Don’t Read

  1. So very true and the quote, yes, I’ve lived thousands of lives and been all over the world, the galaxy and beyond to alternate worlds. Reading is a passion, I love the feel of a real book in my hand, but I love to read with the lights out on my little device. I have to feel sorry for people who don’t read for pleasure, they miss so much life.


  2. I really agree with your post. Sometimes, I can’t understand too why my friends -most of them- don’t read (They even hate it!). They prefer hanging out or doing something else and think that reading is boring *argh*
    But, yeah, it’s just the matter of preferences. People have something that they like/do and they don’t. Kekeke

    Nice post 🙂


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