Review: Hidden Talents


Martin Anderson and his friends don’t like being called losers. But they’ve been called that for so long even they start to believe it. Until Martin makes an incredible discovery: each of his friends has a special hidden talent.

Edgeview Alternative School was supposed to be end of the road. But for Martin and his friends, it just might be a new beginning.

Sometimes, it’s really nice to just sit down with a simple, fun book, rather than one that philosophises about life and death and time and immortality and friendship and tragedy. That’s where Hidden Talents comes in. Aimed at younger audiences, and more “reluctant readers”, I really would recommend this to anyone to read. Even the definitely-not-reluctant-readers. Like me. I mean, I run a book blog. Do I seem a reluctant reader?

Hidden Talents is simply a good book. It follows the story of Martin Anderson, who is sent to “a school for misfits, freaks and bullies”. It’s a last stop, a final station before all hope is lost. However, when he starts noticing some strange happenings in the school, he makes a huge discovery that could completely turn around his life.

It’s well written, it’s a good concept, it’s got good, well-developed characters, and most of all, Hidden Talents is simply great fun. For people of all reading abilities, even those not reluctant to read.

The setting-up was good. There was just enough time spent on it to successfully set up what needed to be set up to continue the book, but there wasn’t so much time spent on it that it dragged on. We’re given a few tidbits of information – “Martin’s been kicked out of every school he’s ever been to for not keeping his tongue in check. Similar to the other kids, just for different reasons. Alrighty, that’s enough backstory, let’s move on to the meat of the story.”

The ending was great. It was obvious that the author had a concept of what he wanted in his mind from the very beginning, and simply moulded the book to fit that intention. It was well thought out, and surprising as well! High quality stuff – not just slapped together because the book needs an ending.

A good book all round, and will be quite enjoyable, despite it being marketed to “reluctant readers”. See you at the second book.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 8/10

Hidden Talents is out now. Buy at your local bookstore.

The Info:

  • Title: Hidden Talents
  • Author: David Luabr
  • Paperback: 224 pages
  • Publisher: Starscape (January 1st, 1999)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0765357666
  • URL: Goodreads, Amazon

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